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Sinead O'Conner not dead yet.


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what? Too soon?

Anyways, I did meet her once, back when she dropped her first album, and I was doing the College Radio thing. She's very petite, and reserved. Unlike some others I interviewed at this time (Joni Mitchell, Fela Kuti (*we smoked a blunt*!), plus a bunch of jazz artists, etc.

Anyways, apparently Sinead is now missing, and presumed....

We'll see tomorrow....


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Yeah, I just read that just now, via Facebook instant update feeds.

So, nope, Sinead is not dead.

But with this whole Arsenio lawsuit thing, I presume some friends and family are concerned.
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Klubmasta Will

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gah, premature thread. glad to hear it's not true.

i've loved her work. even bought her reggae album. very sad to hear that she's possibly suicidal.


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ooh reggae album is awesome! And from the vids I've seen the shows to support that were amazing.