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Since yer all a bunch of comedians...

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
I received this at work today:

...Know someone with a comic bent?

Then you may have heard the buzz about the auditions starting tomorrow for the Life Network series Sketch Troop!

Twelve talented young people will be chosen from open auditions in five Canadian cities....living in a house together, they will learn the hard knocks of sketch comedy performance day - and night.

Then, in a process that will mimic the real challenges faced by comedians trying to get ahead in one of the toughest areas of the entertainment industry, they will be tested and judged on their performance, writing, and ability to work together.

The final group of 6 will get a magical opportunity -- to launch their own sketch troop career in front of the dream industry audience at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal in July.....

Spread the word - we want talent!

Toronto auditions: Friday April 19, Saturday April 20 8:00 - 4:00 at Tom Foolery's Comedy Club, 194 Bloor West, 2nd floor.

Saturday auditions are an open casting call - the early bird gets the worm.
For more info call the producers at (416) 925-6066

Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary dates TBA in May...

You'll be hearing more about this exciting series when it airs this Fall on Life Network....

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