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since we buy so many cds....


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just got back in from a wickedly nice walk along bloor...sun shining, total opposite of yesterday...dropped by second spin for the first time (just past james joyce) & they have some good used discs...

sasha & digweed communicate (2 copies)
tenaglia - athens
d:fuse - perfecto presents dfuse - people
GU19 - los angeles
dave clarke - archive (great disc, nice techno)
nick holder - nitelife 05
war of the worlds remixed - includes hybrid rmx (i believe matt played this a few months back)

lots of other interesting stuff, & i'm going to have to make this trek more often...

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Yeah the War of the Worlds disc is kind of cool. Most of the remixes are pretty lame and cheesy but it does come with both the Hybrid and the Tilt remix which rock.


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& i forgot to mention the double discs are all around 20 bucks...

& heres the official war of the world tracklistings...

Track Listings 1. The Eve Of The War (Introduction:Hybrid Remix)
2. The Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine (Max
3. ULLAdubULLA (Papa Ootzie Remix)
4. The Eve Of The War (Sakin & Friends Remix)
5. The Spirit Of Man (Max Mondo)
6. Horsell Common And The Heat Ray (Max Mondo Remix)
7. Forever Autumn (N Trance Remix)
8. Forever Autumn (Dark Autumn
9. Thunder Child (Mister JoyBoy Remix)
10. The Eve Of The War (Martian Mix)(Max Mondo Remix)
11. The Red Weed (Mister JoyBoy Remix)
12. The Spirit Of Man (KCW Remix)
13. Brave New World (Todd Terry Remix)
14. Dead London (Apollo Four Forty Remix)
15. Dead London (Mister JoyBoy Remix)
16. The Eve Of The War (Hani Remix 1)
17. The Eve Of The War (Hybrid's Fire In The Sky
18. The Eve Of The War (Sakin & Friends Remix)
19. The Eve Of The War (Red Dawn Mix)(Tilt Remix)
20. Dead London (Instrumental)(Apollo Four Forty Mix)
21. Brave New World (Todd Terry Remix)
22. Forever Autumn (N Trance Remix)
23. Forever Autumn (Dark Autumn
24. Brave New World (Dario G Remix)
25. The Red Weed (Glow In The Dark Mix)(Naughty G
26. The Eve Of The War (Hani Remix 2)

it's good to see n-trance weren't a one hit wonder with do you think i'm sexy :)