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Simpsons MOVIE Teaser, and the subsequent discussions.

why not

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i don't know why everyone shits on contemporary simpsons - to me the first couple seasons are almost painful to watch now.
i prefer nonsense and self referential humour much more than sappy moralism.


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KiFe said:

Fuck that.. i love the maude killed episode.
And to think, the last thing i said to her was "No foot longs"
"they make you uncomfortable"
and starwipe to starwipe, and we're out!
can't wait for it. i'll be there no matter how fantastic or shitty or fantastically shitty it's going to be.


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billy said:
it's probably going to make $100 million the first weekend no matter how good or bad it is.
Pretty much.

As many bad and disappointing things I can say about the overall quality of the show for the last decade, its still a bloody legendary thing and its been a big part of my life.

Like....so many of the episodes are absolutely classic tv for people of our generation. I will probably see this one opening night, irregardless of reviews.
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i think they waited way way way too long to put out a simpsons movie

same with SOAP, they should have rushed that thing out when it was peaking, not when the internet buzz was gone

Eccentric (LRG)

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Whatever. I'm there.
Its been so long in the making. I mean the cartoons been around for howl ong and yet no movie until now? Its deserving of my attention.
Yours too. Go now.
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I haven't enjoyed the show for quite a while, but I found the movie really dull. I actually bailed about an hour in.

A 90 min sitcom doesn't cut it. The X files movie was more interesting for building on the culture it had established as a series and that doesn't say much.


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Jeffsus: my husband was singing 'spider pig... spider pig...' off and on since we saw the movie. Earlier tonight, we heard one of the neighbours outside doing the same thing and we just cracked up laughing.

Klubmasta Will

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i started looking forward to this when i learned matt groening wrote the script. it's kicking ass on rotten tomatoes.

i may even fight the opening night crowd tomorrow. :)
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There were a lot of parents & babies in attendance on opening night- think they thought The Simpsons Movie was going to be a traditional cartoon- which resulted in us laughing when no one else was-like the heartbreak scene!
(what was sadder was when they "revealed" the Simpson's location- and almost nobody laughed- )

Wonder though if this'll spawn a new group of fans a la star wars
( "I remember going to see ST when I was 3 and I loved it-!")

le bricoleur

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can he swing from a line?
no he can't: he's a pig.

i am a die hard fan of the simpsons, circa season 3-6. By that point that animation was crisp, the story lines were clever and the humour was intellegent and subversive.

after about season 6 the simpsons became the "wacky slapstick adventures of homer simpson" and the plot-lines became ridiculous. i don't discount homer as one of television's richest characters, however, the show radically changed its format for the worst, and it continued to get worse with every season, until homer and marge were married for a third time. at that point, I gave up on the show completely.

cartoons allow for ridiculous plot-lines (singing frogs, opera conducting rabbits, pennyless lobster doctors, et al.), but the simpsons began as a satire of the average amercian family and the sitcoms it spawned, so it becomes difficult to swallow such dramatic change.

with that being said, although the movie followed a format similar to the later episodes, which I generally dislike, I did laugh consistently throughtout the movie. it's worth seeing. you'll enjoy yourself, whether a casual simpsons viewer or a dorky fan boy/girl.
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