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Originally posted by breakz_btch
oh and colin and dave- DRUNK!!!!!!!!! everyone was drunk!! haha.......

*jen* [/B]

Holy fuck that was funny. Dave coming up to me saying,"Dude help me. I'm so fucking drunk...help" That killed me. And he's an absolutely horrible pool player when he's hammered. Putting balls in the pockets when nobody was looking.................total jokes

Sugar D

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oh man...

One word to describe the night: DRUNK.

I had a great time. Mets lots of people and got really drunk...
what more could a guy ask??

To all those who were lucky enough to get a CD- I hope you like it. To those who didn't get one- Sorry I didn't have more to give out.

Jeff spun a great set and it's too bad more people weren't there to witness it. I've assured him that Toronto doesn't suck but it's hard to convince him that when each time he comes barely anyone shows. :confused:

Oh well good times for me ;)

The Electrician

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Wow... I havent been that drunk publicly in a long time... Haha... Its was great... Thanks Jen and Sean for helping me on my drunken way...

It was a fantabulous night...

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So is everybody ready for another night, this wednesday we are featuring J-Red, he will be along side some of our Toronto favorites, Big League Chu and Dave Saddler B2B, and Switch playing with the Green Olive also going B2B.
We had a wicked time on Wednesday and I just wanted to thank everybody that made it out.