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Originally posted by kick
muahaha...you guys should come over for a good old fasioned pre-swail...or do you owrk that night?

Unfortunately I do.... otherwise I'd say HELLZ YEA!!!! See ya at the bar on wed thou ;)

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Well guys you won't have to miss either Limelight or the Canadians play the Fin's due to the fact that we will be watching the game at Limelight on the Projector and then after the game we will show SIMPLY JEFF!!! This way we can get drunk watching the CANADIANS KICK ASS and we get to hear the tunes we love. See everybody out on Wednesday,
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Bobby Thrust

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Originally posted by peanut butter
it's gonna be a late night now that Canada plays Finland at 10:15pm on Wednesday.

Drunk if they win...surly if they don't,
either way it'll be a mess.

Where to watch the game is the next big question? Anyone know how Vinnie's (across from sLimelight) is??? Haven't been there in years. It's close to the party and that's always good and it's not Peel Pub which is also a good thing....ewwww...Peel Pub.

I might bring that flag out too....

don't you think one of the fine establishments near your house would be a suitable place to watch the game?

Looks like I am going to have to come early to watch the game seeing as I do not have a tv!


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Right there with you Chris! Can't wait to watch the Hockey team kick some ass, then hear Simply Jeff kick my ass with his wicked beats.

I'm definately looking forward to this one.


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Can't wait till tomorrow. Canadas gonna kick ass, Simply Jeff's gonna kick ass. All around great night.
See everyone tomorrow night.


The Peej

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Oh Canada
Are home and drunken' land
True patriot love
In all our breakbeat fans

With flowing booze
we'll get real drunk
the drinks are nearly free

from far and wide
oh Simply Jeff
we'll dance all night for thee

please keep my pants
completely dry
from pee

Oh Simply Jeff
W'ell Dance all night for thee

Ohhhhhh Simply jeff we'll dance all niiiiiight Forrrrrr THEEEEEEE!!!!

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PJ U ARE THE GREATEST!!!! hahaha.........ladies and gentleman--> I'd let to say that I was on the phone with the peejmeister when he created this wonderful medley all by his lonesome!!!! OH The talent in todays breakz fanz!!! :D
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While everybody is reading this let me tell you about next week.
and closing us off in style J-RED ,


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Simply Jeff tore it down. Brilliant programing, tons of new tunes.

The music was wicked, the camera set up was great.

it was quite a rollercoaster night for quite a few people. This night will not be forgotten... for many, many, many reasons...

Bobby Thrust

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Originally posted by peanut butter
that screen setup was amazing!!!
wow, good job guys...

I had a good night out for real, but vow to stay away from those $20 for 20 ideas...I think I've learned my lesson.

It was not the 20 for 20 that was the problem. It was anything after! My head still hurts.

I will say it again, booze, breaks and hockey make a good combo.

Hey Pat...email me brian@fullyloadedonline.com

Nice to see some Saskatoon fiends in effect last night as well!


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I had an amazing time last night. It was a little strange though to be watching the hockey game in the middle of the club. The row of die hard fans sitting on chairs on the dance floor made me laugh. I think the best part of the night for me was realising that I can actually still dance. I haven't in ages, and it felt so good to bust out.

Wicked night guys, thanks


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I had such an amazingly fun time lastnight!!!! Wikkid beatz coming from chu and of course the man SIMPLY JEFF!!! I agree at first it was totally strange with the hockey game setup- not in a bady way, just felt weird!!! :D Glad to see ppl. come out for this night!!! See everyone next week for J-red!!!

Lori- u, me, jess =drunkasses!!! TOTALLY!!! Woo-freaking-hoo! Oh yea, thanx for all those mass amounts of shots sean!!!

oi- my head!

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It was great to put some faces to some names last night!

I had a good time, too bad I couldn't stay late.

Maybe next time :)

Uncle Bobby

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WOW. Drunk. woke up at 8:30 this morning, took 4 extra strength tylenol & three huge glasses of water...didn't help. Had a great night, thanks guys. >big laugh of the night for me was watching Kick fall off a stool while ordering a drink. I'm not saying I didn't do it. I just didn't get caught. (at least I don't remember).



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^^^^ bwahahahah. monica is hilarious!!!! My kinda drinking gal!!! my highlight-well one of them-

donnie and i ironically turning around and poikng mikey in the eye at the same time. haha........one eye for each. sorry mikey- i believe that happened uh...twice!! haha........

oh and colin and dave- DRUNK!!!!!!!!! everyone was drunk!! haha.......

nice meeting u afterglow and sugar D. thanx for the cd mark!!! :D


Willar X

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got there with angai and Lis around 11 and started off with one beer.. then a second... then a third.. then it was pita time :D
Then I came back for 2 more beers and a shot.
me being the cheap drunk that I am.. was then completely hammered by 12:30 :)
Loved the tunes dropped by Simply Jeff, dun think I recognised alot of them..*not a trainspotter btw - grin*
Cheers to Sugar D for the CD :) and nice to meet u too of course.

Very eventful nite I might add.

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