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Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by 4theluvofbreaks, Jan 31, 2002.

  1. 4theluvofbreaks

    4theluvofbreaks TRIBE Member

    Join us at limelight as we celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with the one and only SIMPLY JEFF.
    Our other DJ's playing that night will be our residents BIG LEAGUE CHU and SWITCH.
    We are very excited to be able to bring this DJ back to Toronto.
  2. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

  3. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Simply Jeff = skillz to pay the billz

    too bad its falling on this date as I'll be drinking margaritas in Cuba cuz I'd definitely love to see this man again.

    If you get a chance, trainspot this man!

  4. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    I may actually have to leave the house.

    jeremy -and get really wasted too- jive
  5. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter

    sweet! He told me he was coming but didn't say when..


    always gotta support my former City Of Angels brethren.

    p.s. he'll have a new mixed CD out on Moonshine in March [​IMG]
  6. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    So did J-Red get moved to a week prior or later?

  7. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    The entire line up from the 20th (and 27th) are being pushed back one week (or so I've been told). J-Red's now playing on the 27th.

    Never seen Simply Jeff. I hear he's the shiznit though.

    I believe I shall be in attendance.
  8. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    all da b boyz & all da b-gurl..
    check this out!!!!!
    I think thats how the sample goes off one of his tunez.

    SIMPLY JEFF is solid yo!!!!!!!!

    I'll be there also.
    I meet him a few years ago.
    I wonder if he'll remember me.. lol
    both him and kellyreverb were on the same bill as me April 1st 2000.
  9. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    shit, almost forgot...
    Congratulations on your one year anniversary as well [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. 4theluvofbreaks

    4theluvofbreaks TRIBE Member

    Thanks Marty,
    As for the 27th of Febuary this is when we will be having all the boys playing.
    Big League Chu and Dave Saddler,
    Switch and Green Olive, I guess the patio season isn't coming as soon as I thought.
  11. kick

    kick TRIBE Member

    ive been waiting to hear simply jeff for a longggg time. one of the first breaks tapes i had was 'funk-da-fried' by him... i got like 6 of his records.

  12. Barrie Breaker

    Barrie Breaker TRIBE Member

    I'm out of the loop with respect to Simply Jeff so I have to ask.....what type of breaks Chris?
  13. Robb G

    Robb G TRIBE Promoter

    When I heard him play in Miami last year he played mostly funky with a heavy electro influence (proper electro, not the Florida fluff). When he played here last summer he played a very funky set with a touch of house and nu school. The last thing he put out on his label Phonomental called "What Direction" had the craziest bassline but it wasn't dark and it's very dancefloor friendly, it's what I would call "funky nuschool".

    Jeff is a super versatile DJ because he has been at it for ever (I've got classic old break records that he co-produced with DJ Dan back in 1995). For the kind of breaks you like Shawna I really don't think he will dissapoint.

  14. Barrie Breaker

    Barrie Breaker TRIBE Member

    Thanks Robb!!

  15. Andrew Mack

    Andrew Mack TRIBE Member

    This is going to be a crazy week. Somehow my reading week coincided with a sweet week to party. It's been pretty dry out in ottawa as of late. I know somebody brought simply jeff to toronto in the summer and the place was empty. Toroto has to support, this is not to be missed. i can't wait.

  16. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    wOOp wOOp this one will be killer [​IMG]
  17. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    YAY!! i can't wait for this!! Simply Jeff is the man! The first time i heard him was at fever- a while back- then in the summer at system where there were like 20 ppl.!!- (what the hell???) bottom line is- this man gets me dancing and he is kick ass! Limelight better be busy or everyone is fukked. [​IMG]

  18. 4theluvofbreaks

    4theluvofbreaks TRIBE Member

    Hey Jen that was a different company in the summer who did that event. We are talking about OUTOFHAND and we are talking about a one year anniversary. I think those guys did it on a tuesday. Anyway I think that Simply Jeff with our residents we are sure to pack the place, and it's my reading week as well.
  19. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    yea, i know it was a different company that did it, but still, it's simply jeff. Any place this guy is spinning at, should NOT be dead. However, I couldn't think of anyone who would be better to bring him in. [​IMG]

  20. Robb G

    Robb G TRIBE Promoter

    That's because the other promoters put out their flyer for Simply Jeff barely a week before hand, none of the flyers made it to the stores and there was no internet promotion whatsoever. I remember looking around and noticing that other then yourself Jen, half of the other 20 people in attendance where DJ's (Myself,Wes, Switch, Monkey ect......) barely any party people there because no one knew about it.

  21. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    ^^^ true say. which brings me to my next question.......where the hell have u been?? [​IMG]

  22. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter

    Even though I've seen Jeff play more times than I can count..I always get excited when he plays. I probably own more mixtapes from that man than any other DJ. Funk N Trip ('94)is one of my favourite tapes ever. Also Funk N Trip 3 has one of the best trip hop sets I've heard. (the other side is Omar Santana- so only the one side gets played [​IMG] )

    I think an appearance at Limelight may be in order. [​IMG]
  23. 4theluvofbreaks

    4theluvofbreaks TRIBE Member

    It will be worth your while, that's for sure.
    I can't wait for Jeff to see the crowd that we bring in for him. I want him to see Toronto at it's best and I think that the third floor of limelight rammed will be a great way to do this.
  24. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Dude, I know its a tall order but if you put the decks on the floor so people can see his hands at work, it'll totally be worth it. When I saw him at Fever, I couldn't believe the shit he was doing. I'm not a big fan of cut mixing but this guy can cut like nobody's business and do it so you can't even tell he's cutting. Put him on the floor!

  25. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    I agree... I want to see him on the floor too... and it would be cool to have him downstairs. It's a bigger room, ain't it? Well, at least it seems bigger.

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