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SImply Jeff, Big League Chu and others @ FEVER


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Yessir, this sure was a fun night. breaks are fun.
Fever was fun...Fever's new renovations look fun too!

Every one played great sets...short but sweet :D I think between all the djs there we heard just about everything that new and hot in the land o'breaks.

Robb G nuked the living shize out of us with bomb after bomb...way to go out with a bang ;)

I heard there was some rumour goin' around the Simply Jeff was a no-show, but I think thats just smack talk and I have the pictures to prove it!!


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photography by the one called Red Turle...and some by Yours Truly.

Red Turtle and Simply Jeff


Leo, Simply Jeff, Me, Angus Robinson

Chucky and Simply Jeff

Simply Jeff and Robb G

Big League Chu and Simply Jeff back to back!


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Robb G

more crowd

even more crowd...Hamilton is full of breakers!

me and Leo

Big Leage Chu...or is that Simply Jeff?

oooh ahhh
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twas a very fun night indeed. would have been better if simply jeff graced the decks, but hey it worked out in the end.
some dancin, some jokes and some nice ladies as per usual in hammer town. and robb g rocked the house, too bad he didn't play longer he was blowing it up mix after mix...good shit!!
thanks for the drinks....made the night a lot easier to enjoy, although i didn't have much of a problem with that!
can't wait till another hammer town throw down!!



sweet pics...jeff looks like he enjoyed himself!!


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I wanted to come to this but Turtle didn't have any room in his car :( I would have drove but I don't condone drinking and driving.

dj Red Turtle

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Originally posted by kick

Big Leage Chu...or is that Simply Jeff?


The night went well even with that little obstacle. All the dj's rocked the floor. The crowd wanted breaks and breaks was what they got.
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