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Simply Jeff and Co This Friday


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Simply Jeff, BLC, Robb G, Slip n Slide and Capital J? Will Fever return to its good ol' days? Should be fun making my return trip to Hammers. Who else is in?

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will be in attendance for sure, it will be interesting to see how the fever crowds are these days, i certainly miss a good hammer town throw down. all i know is that the people that will be there will know whats going on, and if you know anything about simply jeff it will be more than worth the drive. not to sure if i like the vs. theme, as i would like to see jeff rock it for an extended set.

see ya on the dance floor!


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Originally posted by Big League Chu
ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!:D

road trips are NEVER a let down! except for he/she who has to drive..but thats not me, so whatever.

Jeffs new record "My Beat" on Phonomental is some good shize too, can't wait to hear him drop it :D