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simple things that turn you on


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I really like shoulders. Nice big shoulders are such a turn on for me. Shoulders and arms. mmmmmmmmmmm

Eccentric (LRG)

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Sweat... like Just worked out or played soccer/hockey game type sweat.

No not Body Oder!

mmm pharamones(sp?)

Complete eye contact too. Though I can't hold it. I break away. But if I turn back and your still looking at my eyes. I'm yours.
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Big Harv

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jungalissa said:
I love it when a hot guy says my name.

There is a cutie at the gym and whenever he says hi, he says my name and I melt.....

hmmm, can't think of anything else ATM
when a girl touches my arm in a flirtatious manner



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Saying the word "Imzadi" and having the person know of what language I am speaking.. lol

Looking at me directly in the eyes when we are speaking..

Having a debate (and even losing!! ;) ), but being so pumped by it..

Making me feel sexy..:D (Just an appraising look will do..or a nice comment..)

Shared laughter..

Strength tempered with gentleness..

An easy-going soul..
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The over the shoulder glance and a coy smile with a little shrug

Some guys are all about boobs, some guys are all about butts. for me it's all about the lower tummy


And of course, to crush my enemies, to see them driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women.


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Sexy voices and accents, (I am dating this Brazilion guy and his voice/accent kills me).

Being adventureous with food

Someone who has the same spiritual views as I have

Good mix of chill out guy and Mr. Fun

Good taste, (in wine, clothes etc.)

Being established, (never used to care about this but as I get older it tends to be more important).

What Skipper said about the combo that is hard to find

And JLV...attention to detail is so important
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Boss Hog

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-women who have goals other than avarice and things self-beneficial.

although I suppose that's beginning to leave the realm of simplicity.
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