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Simon "Bassline" Smith at Empire

Zenmaster Chi

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I have to admit...with all the other events going on this night (including the John B night.....damn you CC. Why did you have to make me choose!) the night was pretty quiet. It was a nice change though...not getting pelted with random elbows and other body parts that is.

Ruckus started off the night with decent set. Followed by Cap J who was...well...Cap J. Visionary did a live set after that. I gotta say, pretty decent. The sound was kind of funky for the band though. Too much bass in the sound so the instruments were fuzzy sounding. Regardless though, it was a nice change up for the night. Diligence spun the set after that but then.....

Simon Smith took to the decks with Fearless on mic........

All I have to say is ouch......Simon spun one of the darkest, toughest sets I've heard in a long time. Now I don't want to make it sound like it was pure power-tool jungle....it just had that Technique sound that is so bad ass. Fearless was tight too and I'm not even that hyped about MC's.

I booted after that so can't say much about the rest of the night.......

Respect goes out to Empire for trying out something totally different and to all the other Technique headz that enjoyed last night as much as I.

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okay, maybe I'm repeating myself, but here goes:

hey yo Z-Dawg, was we the only motherfuckers up in this shit or what the FUCK?!

actually, there was a decent-sized crowd after a while, but upon scanning the 'heads inside the room, they didn't strike me as the type of people to post on TRIBE. pure 17-year-old suburban junglist clones, likesay. whatever, the tunes were pretty tight and that's all that counts, sorta. like Z said, Cap J did a typical Cap J set, the live act was kinda cool I guess but the levels were all fucked, Mr. Smith ripped shit like we expected, with a raw sound that wasn't too noisy ... a lot anthemic dubs were rinsed. but I was pissed that I missed Lush, my fave local.

so, y'know, it was my first time going to a "party" at the Opera Crib, I gotta say it's just a weak venue for that kind of thing. great for midsized concerts and what have you, and I suppose it's dank and evil enough for jungle but ... still. zero atmosphere. makes me wonder, what's the point ... and security there is too fucking tight, they made people take their shoes off at the door. wtf? as for the vibe: haha, as if there's such thing at a junglist party ... okay, that's not fair, some of the peeps were cool, and there were no stabbings as far as I can tell.

peace ..


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for the record, i think the opera house is the best venue in the city for an jungle event. due to the mc factor, and the fact that with jungle people more often watch or care who the dj is, the opera house is perfect venue because of it's more concert set up. although when it's not full, you reallize how ghetto the place is. but when it's full, it has grown to be home of some of the best jungle parties.

i heard attendance was low on this one, and although i was promoting for the competition this nite, i was hoping this party was going to turn out better. good luck in the future guys.