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"Silk" Thursdays @ Living Room


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“Silk” Thursday’s @ The Living Room – 330 Adelaide St West – Toronto
Hosted by Jedi Records & Most Wanted Entertainment.

Thursday Jan 17, 2002 is the start of new weekly D&B night showcasing only the premier talent from Toronto & the UK. Opening night is mandatory attendance for all Toronto Junglists. Freaky Flow & MC Flipside will be doing a live recording for the new Moonshine Records CD, which will be distributed on a worldwide basis. Flow’s current CD “World Domination” has sold over 15,000 copies the world over. This is Toronto’s chance to show the D&B world what a proper Toronto jam sounds like. Whistles, horns and lighters are mandatory for all those in attendance.

Thursday Jan 24 – Total Science – CIA, Metalheadz, Most Wanted, UK
Come witness the hottest D&B producers on the planet right now.

Thursday Jan 31 – Vinyl Syndicate Night – Sniper, Mystical Influence & L Natural

Thursday Feb 7 – Jedi Records Night – Ra, D-Region & Illfingas

Thursday Feb 14 – Valentines Special “Finn & Son Tour”
Mickey Finn will be touring for the first time with his 18-year-old son, Logan D (Kool FM) with the legendary MC Fearless hosting the night.

Rotating residents will be: Ra, Illfingas, Slip & Slide with MCs Nai, Trajady & MC P.

Locals nights $8 before midnight $10 after midnight.
UK guests nights $15 all night.
This is a 19 plus events ID Required.



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mickey's son is 18?? what a fuckin old geezer!!!

I hope there's medics standing by....


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The great thing about the living room is that it looks great with 200 people because of it's layout, but can handle up to 1000 people with the downstairs dance area open. It is a very proper venue for D&B. Lots of seating around the club, as well as a Large dancefloor in front of the DJ booth. There is one area with a fireplace and couches, another area with couches and a bar. Ample washrooms, etc.

This is definately the right spot and time for D&B in Toronto for this to go off.

...and wait 'til you see who we have in store for Feb/March/April...

Prepare for something new and fresh in the city.