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Sigur Ros at Massey


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Absolutely stunning performance!
That was the second time i've seen them in 9 months and they took me to another world yet again.

Admittedly I enjoyed this show more than the last and it came down to 2 factors:

1. I immersed myself into this show more than the last. In Sept I saw them 3 days after having wisdom teeth removed, so i was a bit delirious. Last night I let myself go, chasing the lush, sweeping soundscapes... mulling through the fragile moments, and lapping up the chaotic, distorted crescendos. Every emotion was tugged at simultaneously.

2. I was positioned further away, so i was able to absorb the entirety of the lighting. All credit to the crew operating the lights... there were so many occasions when the intricate lights complimented the music... it has to be seen to believe.


The awe-inspiring, lump in your throat introduction of 'Glosoli'.
When the track peaked my whole body was coated in a layer of warm fuzz. I think this is their finest moment off 'Takk'.

The 'birds on a wire' projection. Especially the final few minutes that descended into ambience... i was completely mesmerized by the movement of the birds.

The finale. The last 5 minutes of 'Poppalagio' is a strong a climax that you could ever wish for.

I paid 80 bucks for my ticket and i got full value. Is there a more beautiful sounding band in the world than Sigur Ros? I doubt it.

ED Larry

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rentboy said:
The 'birds on a wire' projection. Especially the final few minutes that descended into ambience... i was completely mesmerized by the movement of the birds.
Yes, this was quite amazing... i was mesmorized by the bids as well... could have watched them forever. The 2 hours flew by... could have stayed all night...

the concert was soo amazing... the whole experenice was unreal... they are so talented...

the end blew me away... it stimulated all my senses!!!



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Rents: Every point you mentioned was a highlight for me as well.

The bird on a wire segment was totally unexpected and a beautifully classy way to walk off stage.

Glosoli made me melt into my seat in bliss.

Everything that can be said about Jonsi's voice already has been, but he really has to be heard to be believed. His voice reverbarating around Massey Hall is the benchmark that all vocalists are compared to for me.

Every aspect of their performance is perfection. The band pack an incredible punch, but it's the soft little electronic accents throughout that really complete the sound. Their keyboardist/guitarist is a perfect compliment for Jonsi.

'Poppalagio' is complete sensory overloard, especially with the light show. If you couldn't notice it against the screen (I was off to the side), the members of Amina were losing their shit on their violins during the climax.

I'd have to agree that they're the best live performance I've ever seen. Nobody can hold a candle to them.


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beautiful show!
in total agreement with how sigur ros can elicit so many emotions. in some moments I'd feel tingles running in my head down to my legs. in another my throat tightened hearing jonsi's voice. other times I'd be lost in a trance, and other times I felt like jumping out of my seat in excitement. I felt as though everyone in the audience was on the same page, like at the end of untitled 4 where you could hear a pin drop... then thunderous applause. wow.

the visuals were outstanding. the disco ball, the use of the white curtain, the lights... fantastic. at the end, it took them three returns to the stage for their bows, because everyone was standing and cheering, thanking them for giving us that night. takk sigur ros!

and I enjoyed the opener, amiina, whom the ep I grabbed says are long-time sigur ros collaborators.




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1. takk...
2. glósóli
3. sæglópur
4. njósnavélin
5. e-bow
6. gong
7. andvari
8. hoppípolla
9. með bloðnasir
10. svo hljótt
11. heysátan
12. olsen olsen
13. smaskifa
14. dauðlagið
15. popplagið
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wish I'd been able to see them again. saw them back in september for the first time and they blew me away...


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Seems Elizabeth Bromstein from Now isn't much of a fan. She gave the show 2 N's in her 'review'.

She clearly doesn't listen to them... what was she expecting?

Wilted Rós
Sigur Ros with Amina at Massey Hall, May 13. Tickets: $37-$42. Attendance: 2,700. Rating: NN

Twenty minutes into Sigur Rós's Massey Hall performance, I was squirming in my seat trying to find a comfortable position for a nap.

This is beautiful music that makes good movie soundtracks (for really bad movies), but it's not the kind of thing I need to see live. Live, Sigur Rós are boring.

Jon Thor Birgisson 's wailing, ethereal falsetto is impressive and beautiful for about five minutes, then becomes tedious and works its way to torturous. A headache-inducing drone underlies every song. The lyrics are repetitive and, as a bonus, unintelligible due to my inability to speak Hopelandic, Birgisson's own made-up language. (Isn't that just so precious you couldn't even sell it on eBay?)

Accompanied onstage by opening girl quartet Amina on tinkly xylophones and strings, the band exuded absolutely zero stage presence, never speaking to the audience and hardly moving except to switch instruments from time to time, which sometimes required walking across the stage, providing moments that gave the illusion of action. This made me sit up in my seat, starving for any sort of distraction, only to hunch down and sigh as the band launched into yet another barrage of tinkle, fuzz and drone.

A roadie rushing out to wipe something up was the evening's most exciting moment, easily the highlight of the night. The multimedia elements included a screen projecting abstract images (of course) and slow-motion shots of a little girl running through a meadow. And a disco ball.

Slightly more entertaining was Amina's opening set, in which the girls played strings, a saw, wine glasses, bells and computers to create some lovely if overly long tunes. The innovative instruments and lack of heavy mood lighting were enough to keep me awake, at least.

After an hour of Sigur Rós, a few people grabbed their stuff and left, which made me feel a bit less alone, but most of the audience was absolutely rapt. Those who love Sigur Rós really love them and will sit quietly, drinking in every note and every ethereal nuance.

It was heaven for them, but purgatory for me.
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