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Siblings Who Get Along - Is it rare????


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My younger bro (he's 22, I'm 26) were discussing sibling relationships last night. When we were growing up, we fought like cats and dogs, but in recent years we get along great...go out for dinner, cover for each other with mom and dad, etc etc., even though we're as different as night and day.

He thinks that we're a rarity - that the number of people who do NOT get along with their siblings far outnumber those who do.

Is this true???

The Watcher

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My sister and I hated each other growing up... and now were best friends...

It's a maturity thing... people grow up... and learn to get along.

The ones who dont, are stuborn.



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my little brother is the best person in the world. i get along really well with him, and have in the past.


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my brother (10yrs older) used me as a punching bag for his karate lessons

thats why i grew up like that.....

(and no thats not the rason for my nickname)


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i get along great with my brother and my sister

my brother and my sister dont get along very well though

everyone just loves me
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i get along with all of my siblings. maybe because i didn't really have to live with them and the smallest age difference between us is 15 years. even though i've been hung upside down over the stairs by my brother....nope. no fighting :)

Ditto Much

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I have four older sister, one of which I don't think I ever lived with for an entire calander year. I get along with all of them now a days, but me and the sister closest to me in age hated each other until I moved away.

Then again my family was only ever functional on paper.


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My sister is three years older then me. We used to fight like crazy until she moved out for a year or so when I was 14 and she was 17. Ever since then we've be really really tight.


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I used to fight alot with my younger brother. He's 17, I'm 22.
For various reasons, I'm a bitch, he's a lazy couchpotato.

But I think when we started discovering the people behind each other, and saw less of that annoying sibling aspect of each other, we started developing things in common. It's all about maturity, and seeing each other as people.

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^^ hehe only child...
Im sure you and Palmela get along just great indeed :D

Booty Bits

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i have been blessed with a wonderful older brother who put up with my NON-STOP pestering when we were kids.
i was a complete brat and he never hit me... i dont know how he did it.

alot of my friends had older brothers who were the same age as my bro.
they used to get beat on and picked on like crazy...
thank god i didnt have to put up with that.

but you know, even those siblings who used to bicker/tease/fight when they were young often grow up and realize that their siblings (if they let them) can be their greatest allies in the whole world.
no one knows your reality like your sibling.

its unfortunate that alot of people have become so estranged from their siblings, due to a million different reasons, simply because they could share so much common ground.


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there's always tension in a house full of brothers and sisters. I was fortunete (read: cursed) enough to have one of each. We used to fight and wrestle a lot more but we've since grown up. I think that my parents splitting also had something to do with it. Ever since then it was like we pulled together to keep each other up ya know? I like it like this though. :) They can be a MAJOR pain in the ass sometimes (especially my bitchy sister) but I still love em.

Peace & love. D


Nice thread Sue!

My story is not unlike most of the others. My little sister is 23, I'm 25. She's one of the coolest and most sincere people I know. It took leaving home for school before I fully realized that though. Now we're tight and hang out whenever we can, which isn't often cuz she lives in Barrie. :(
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I get along great with both my sisters. I fought with my older sister until she went away to university and I always got along with my younger sister. Now all three of us hang out all the time. I would say that they are my best friends.


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My tale is similar except my older brother never chose to grow up.
I want to be closer to him but he does things that destroy any attempt at creating a friendship.. and it seems like it's getting worse than better.

My younger brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs, but now we're pretty good friends because we realized that we have to respect each other as human beings before it could happen.

Unfortunately my youger brother & my older brother have the same destructive relationsip because of my older brother's issues.


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me and my brothers get alone fine. when we were younger we used to beat the shit outta the youngest one...but we get along like friends now..mind you i dont live with them anymore..but still.


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my brother and sister rool!

my sister's got character.. she's oldest and my brother, two years + on me is so similar to me its silly.. our humor is really similar so we always make each other laugh



hehe.. my brother rools.

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j bunny 2000

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most of u guys are so lucky....me and my older sis are night and day. When we were growing up, we fought like cats and dogs. Were about 2 years apart and she has 2 kids now. We get along but we have no relationship. I feel like we can't relate at all b/c were at very different points in our lives, since i'm away at school now and shes raising a family. I guess its hard for me to understand since i couldn't imageine doing what she is doing at her age, but we get together and we have nothing to talk about. it makes me a little sad but maybe with time we will develop some relationship.



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It's definately a maturity thing I think. My sister is older than I am (5 year difference). We use to fight and not get along long ago when we still lived in the same place. As we got older and she moved out, I've started to get along with her and vice versa. Now although i wouldn't say we're tight and go out all the time. I get along with her great, always have a good time with my sister even though we are quite different. She has her fun, I have my fun and then we have OUR fun.


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My brother and I live together now. We never "really" got along growing up but we do a bit more now. I lived in Ireland for 3 years and I think that actaully made us closer...despite the fist fight we had on the front lawn a few months ago :)

I agree with the whole growing up thing though. Like he's the only one I talk about personal shit with and vice versa, but we were completely seperate ppl when were younger, but you do grow up.

I actually feel sorry for only childs. Its like a part of everyone's life I think...siblings, a necessary education in life.

And J Bunny 2000... you live in Milton? I lived there for 16 years, just recently moved to Hamilton :D


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Originally posted by Boo

I actually feel sorry for only childs. Its like a part of everyone's life I think...siblings, a necessary education in life.

Don't feel sorry for us. We're spoiled as fuck. :D

Siblings aren't a part of everyone's life. They may have been an important part of -your- life, but at the same time, i could say that people with siblings missed out on their own nescessary educations by NOT being only children. I'm sure i learned a lot of important lessons as an only child that people like you missed out on.

Like the value of ALWAYS getting your way no matter what. ;)

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