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Got there kinda early cause i could not bear to watch the raptors game
and expected to find it rammed, but it to my suprise it was not!

First off i love nasa the place is so chill.
I am not sure who was spinnin before shy fx but they dropped some nice tunes... got my j majik fill

the place packed up quick and there was acctually a line up!
shy fx spun a nice set... tons of dubs and the crowd was really feeling them, even though thd dj himself did not seem to be.

all in all a good nite... except for the blow out in the raptors game and spillin beer all over myself
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i love nasa!

good tunes (shakin' was all i needed to hear does anyone have any info on this tune? release date?), comfy seats, good friends, drinks, a girl in a gold suit! what more do you need?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by suburban sound system:
i love nasa!

good tunes (shakin' was all i needed to hear does anyone have any info on this tune? release date?), comfy seats, good friends, drinks, a girl in a gold suit! what more do you need?


i don't know about you...but she was in desperate need of a thong..but we wont go there

it was an excellent night indeed. i didnt expect to dance but once shy fx took over...i couldnt sit for longer than 5 minutes. great tunes were played, his mixing was consistent (didn't get too technical from what i saw tho)and the crowd was full of vibes. i had a great night. going to work on three and a half hours sleep does wonders for your productivity.
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missed this...

how could you even spin in Nasa? I'd need the whole club just to dance!

big up the junglist spin


2 rude

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Shy FX is pure vibes! The guy's got pure style and rhythm. I got to see him 3 times while he was in the t.dot this time 'round -- Renegades, Eastern Bloc, and NASA. Of all three places, I'd have to say NASA was his best performance.

Renegades -- mixing was up to standard and even excelling, but Shy didn't really draw as many tunes and dubs as he could have. Probably a result of just getting off a 7 hour flight and going straight to the party type of thing. But I still had a great time seeing him @ Renegades.

Eastern Bloc -- What' sup peoples?? SHY is playing and everyone is just standing around watching him! What's up with that?! If I was a DJ, I'd be soooo uncomfortable with that! It's like playing dance music to a bunch of parking meters! No one's moving!! Just looking at you with these really weird faces!! So the vibe wasn't really 'there' at the Eastern Bloc thang.

NASA -- Bo bo bo!! Shy tore it up in my opinion. Drawing choice tunes for every mix. Too bad NASA is so small -- I could barely move for the first hour of Shy's set but then as it got later, people started leaving (I guess cuz it's a Wednesday and people gotta work -- me, i'm job-less so i stayed and boogied down till the end).

I have to say I really enjoyed the NASA setting tho. Purely mature crowd. I didn't see any crackheads or sketchy ravers. People were dressed nicely, looking good. For some quick second, I thought my dream had come true! That the Toronto jungle drum and bass scene had evolved into London-style and ceased to be this underground crackhead dance movement. I dunno. Seeing SHY at NASA gave me this warm feeling that people are actually starting to take the music seriously and not just as an event to get fuct up, which, after all, is progressive for the scene as a whole. I hope to see more intimate and mature drum and bass events in the future.

And finally, since this thread is about SHY, I have to add that Shy is definitely way up at the top of my list of respected dnb artists. It's always a treat to see him play, and I'm glad the last place he spun was at NASA leaving behind a really great set and vibe.
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Shy FX was at Nasa?


It's like putting Oakenfold at the Second Cup.

If they would've promoted it better, I for sure would've went. Despite the place being skinnier than me.

If he was at Nasa in 1996 or something, then MAYBE I'd understand. But 2001? Pffft. He should be playing somewhere where people can thrash.