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Shy FX and Skibadee - Body Roc - System Soundbar Aug 15, 2001


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After spending 8 months out in Victoria, BC doing the Navy thing, it felt great to be on leave and back in T-dot enjoying the big-ass scene.

I thought that during this period I would have a little bit of fun and check out some of the more hyped events. Since I found out that Hustlin Beats have secured Shy FX and Skibadee for their Body Roc event, what the hell.

I arrived there qiute early and had to deal with security. After that it was all gravy.

The organization was quite good... there were in fact two 19+ areas in the venue: on e in the VIP lounge and another in the smaller downstairs lounge. The main area was left all-ages, and it was so packed.

While Diligence and Ruckus warmed up the early birds in the main room, Everfresh was spinning his stuff in the VIP lounge. He did a good job and he should since that area filled up quite fast with the 19+ imbibers. The sound quality there was much better here than on the main floor, where there was too much treble (high) and distortion. Not too bad if you're a youngster, but sheer murder if you're a "responsible" adult who needs to be a little more functional in the morning. It was in the VIP where I refamiliarised myself with an old partnership - Rud Bull and vodka, or in this case, double vodka and Red Bull. Say what you will about enjoying music under the influence, but since i didn't have to get up early in the morning, I decided to live and party it up. And live it up I did.

After a nice little set by Lush and MC Caddy Cad, Shy and Skibba took to the stage and the place went nuts. New mixes and insane rhymes filled the air, although Skibba should have eased up on the reload requests to keep the flow fresh. Shy simply soldiered on with a good mix of new and classic tracks. Meanwhile, management opened up the second 19+ lounge, which was a great idea since the VIP was getting a bit too full.

Even though some people might find his performances annoying at times, MC Skibadee still can manage to get a room jumping. The response from the crowd pushed the right buttons for this veteran, who seemed to have developed a true attachment to Toronto.

All in all, it was a good vibe, even though it was held in the middle of the week - a killer if you had to get up in the morning for your day job. At least the kids were satisfied with their original UK fix. No complaints there.

High points: performances, renewal of acquaintances (big up MC P and the 2 Grrls from Scarborough - U know who U are!) and the drinks, the drinks, the drinks. Not to mention the night-ending UK garage set in the VIP lounge.

Lows: I don't mind loud music, but go easy on the treble. Tinnitus doesn't go well with a good buzz. Then again, my bad - I'm getting earplugs for the next gig.

Verdict: put Body Roc on the weekend. You'll make more people happy.