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SHUT OFF at the beer store


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I don't know why, but most of the cab drivers in KW are Serbian.

Yesterday, was, well, pretty intense. I think I posted about it while it was happening.

So this morning I wanted to, and did, go to the Portuguese bar to sort of, you know, "come down".

Seven or eight shots of Jaegermeister and a couple beers later I was comfortgable enough to get into a cab.

Fuckin beer store denied me.

beer store> "Sorry sir, you seem intoxicated."
me> "Love, it's 12 in the afternoon on a SUNDAY, do you really think I'm intoxicated?"
beer store> "Well, sorry sir, I just can't serve you."

No problem. Went to a different beer store, got served there no prob.

The cab driver told me,

cab> "Well, your eyes look a bit, closed."

Aha, and he was right. So then I brought out my LASER BLUE EYES.

I only bring out this weapon when it is seriously needed.


Nobody needs to look at them, in fact, I try to hide them, but if I decide to open my lids and show you the colour, THEY ARE LASER BLUE.

Nobody can say no to my laser blue eyes.

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Bernnie Federko

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I asked a person to drive me to buy cocaine.

Two stops, no dice.

I give up.

But when I got home there was this old Russian guy, well Canadian by now, snooping around my house;.

We had a good conversation. He explained to me that he was 87 years old, which is OLD, and I asked him:

me> "What do you eat to be that old?"

At that moment I noticed he also had laser blue eyes.

Russian> "Oh my wife, she cooks for me."

And then he asked me about my marital status and I explained to him that I'm a homo and this freaked him out. But, to his credit, he did not leave. Instead, he said,

Russian/Canadian "I don't understand it but you are a good neighbour so must be OK."

SO there you have it folks. I'm "OK".