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Shpongle at Shambhala....


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So I was hanging out with some friends in Vancouver, and one of the organizers for Shambhala wandered by, and happened to mention that Shpongle will be performing at Shambhala!?!?!??!

Its like my soul has left my body and has been floating around the room all day.

I've been trying to see either Shpongle or Hallucinogen for years, and now I just happen to find out that it happening here in just over a month...

Not sure if I'll be coming down from cloud nine for a while.

Shpongle on the Beach stage at Shambhala.... I couldn't dream of a better place to see Shpongle....
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will definitely be an experience

would love to see them - have only seen Hallucinogen - and that was years ago now..


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I wonder who will be performing as Shpongle... there was a "Shpongle DJ set" up in Montreal recently that was simply Simon playing some tracks. Years ago they had a setup that some people referred to as the "Shpongle orchestra" (think a dozen players of various instruments plus the grand wizard) but naturally, no one is going to make it all that clear whether you're getting the full ensemble or what. It'll be good, anyway...


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I am assuming it is just Simon, as there is also a Hallucinogen set, but the website mentions:
Shpongle: Psydub - (4:20pm) the Dream Science Circus - Wild creative unpredictable dangerous never boring aerial circus spectacle

Dream Science Circus being a local BC Circus troupe. So I expect some awesome things happening.

So I think this show should be awesome...
I'm rerouting my sister's trip here just so I can drive 9hrs to see this show. (She was supposed to be leaving Vancouver at 10am Saturday), going to try and drop her off in Castlegar :)
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