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RUSKO!!!! Everyones fav Producer... if not THEE most prolific and talented DJ/Producer in Dubstep will be spinning on October 16th at the Opera House

and some nobody named Nero is spinning somewhere on Dec 6th, I think at the Modclub, but I wouldn't bother... come on, once you've seen RUSKO!? What's the point



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Bad Man Bar 9 in the hood!

Bar 9 at BASSMENTALITY on Oct 6th.



"Kickstart (Bar 9 remix)

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Daega Sounds are coming from BC for the Bassgators event on December 26th.
with dubstep in one room and breaks in the other, should be a solid event!


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12th Planet coming back/ Artwork in Town

Well on Jan 19th... 12th Planet is returning to Toronto and spinning at the Wrongbar. Maybe they might even turn the bassbins on a wee bit that night.

Anyone planning on seeing Artwork of Magnetic Men at the social tonite?


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This one caught me by surprise....

Mt. Eden is gonna be at the Wrongbar on Jan 9th... odd since I didn't know him he spun brostep/electro-steppaz?! Gonna give'r a go anyways