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Show us your tats


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So I went last week to meet an artist that a bunch of my friends swear by, I'm looking to get a memorial tat for my pops and had what I considered to be a great idea for a tat. So I get there last week and show the dude the pic and he assures me that it'll turn out great. He suggests we book an appointment for the following week and I leave my deposit. I felt like it was a bit premature to book an appointment since I hadn't even seen his ideas yet, but my friend assures me the guy is amazing, so I agree.
Anyway, during the week I started getting second thoughts so I call the guy and cancel the appointment. He's fine with it, but suggests that I come in on my appointment slot (which he had filled) to pick up the sketch and my original picture. So I went in there last night to see him and he shows me the most terrible representation that I could ever have imagined, the sketch was just fucking horrible. Then, as we start conversing I realize he's stoned as fuck and the dude has an appointment coming in. Not to mention that the first time I met him I got the feeling that he was high on coke. (I know someone that sells it to him, but I figured he was responsible enough that he didn't do it while working).

Anyway, so so so so glad I got cold feet as that would have turned into a nightmare. I think i'll wait for Daemon.

touches nose.

i never heard back from the other place i put a request in, so i've made one with Daemon as well. his work is nothing short of amazing, i think he'll be worth the wait.


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there are very few portraits I have seen that havent looked creepy as hell. for some reason they dont transfer to tattoos well.

Musical Rush

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The guy wants me to come back in 3 weeks for a look over and some touch up. I think I'll get some of the white out on his ears. They look a little too busy. Should be just black and tan. I'll get that white line out of there on the right ear.

case sensitive

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I have seven pieces that I need to get on my body before I die. I cannot start until September 4th 2011, so that gives me time. Which is nice......

The triber with the most beautiful pieces has recommended HARTLESS, and I'm in correspondence about my needs with them currently.

Any other "wicked awesome" artists / places I should consider?



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for a 2 hr (approx) coverup tat...what is a good tip?

he quoted me about $200 for the actual work...they charge $100/hr..

I know nothing about tipping for this service.


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my new piece. cover-up actually. not that i hated the previous two pieces but the were dated and i wanted a change.