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Show us your tats


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aki, i dig your 'goggle baby' dude. nice job.
Thanks! The 'goggle baby' is a character taken from H.R. Giger's "Birth Machine"
The frame/background was drawn by Greg Kidd at Sal's Tattoo and Barber Shop: Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop

Greg is an incredible, unassuming artist. He does amazing black/grey shading, and has a really good and unique feel for Bio-mech stuff. Don't judge him by his website. It hasn't been updated for years. He's more of a word-of-mouth kind of guy.


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I hope that alcohol + tattoo = deep discount. These days you've got to be a hurting artist to tattoo drunk chicks.
actually...quite the opposite, I over paid and the artist was bizzare
lesson learned

oh that Jesus juice...


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Does anyone remember the name/website of that really talented artist whose website was posted here years ago? I think his name was Damien Rothchild (sp?) but I can't seem to find anything under that name. He does the really good fineline work.


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Yeah Daemon's the dude who did my arm band years ago, I'd totally get more work done by him if I was back in Ontario. He does such siiiick work!
His work is incredible, but looking through his portfolio I see that most of his work is really tribally, not sure that's what I want for this particular tattoo. Maybe i'll contact him and see what's up.


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So I went last week to meet an artist that a bunch of my friends swear by, I'm looking to get a memorial tat for my pops and had what I considered to be a great idea for a tat. So I get there last week and show the dude the pic and he assures me that it'll turn out great. He suggests we book an appointment for the following week and I leave my deposit. I felt like it was a bit premature to book an appointment since I hadn't even seen his ideas yet, but my friend assures me the guy is amazing, so I agree.
Anyway, during the week I started getting second thoughts so I call the guy and cancel the appointment. He's fine with it, but suggests that I come in on my appointment slot (which he had filled) to pick up the sketch and my original picture. So I went in there last night to see him and he shows me the most terrible representation that I could ever have imagined, the sketch was just fucking horrible. Then, as we start conversing I realize he's stoned as fuck and the dude has an appointment coming in. Not to mention that the first time I met him I got the feeling that he was high on coke. (I know someone that sells it to him, but I figured he was responsible enough that he didn't do it while working).

Anyway, so so so so glad I got cold feet as that would have turned into a nightmare. I think i'll wait for Daemon.