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Shout Out Out Out at Wrongbar


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Were too much fun
They, to my ears, have a fuller sound than some synth bands (like Glass Candy):
two drummers (that demented one playing standing up - I wanted to tell him "you remind me of no one else - and that's a good thing!), two bass players, three keyboards, but the one playing a demented cowbell - how can you not like a band that has a maniacal cowbell player?
And the main front guy, doing these gestures that were like a cross between Tom Waits trying to do some aerobic arm things and Mick Jagger, all loose, then playing a guitar behind his back :).

Great great energy, great sweaty vibe


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Yeah they are pretty cool live. They always sell out their shows here --- even when they do play consecutive nights!


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this review reminds me of when i saw !!! a few years ago. the band was off the wall (in a great way).
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I have a couple shout out out out tunes downloaded and I just could not get in to them, it was the synth signing, just didn't do it for me. But I respect the word of some folks and understood that their live show was a bit different.

Fucken eh it is, that was fun!

Rickshaw is an awesome venue, crowd was down, band delivered.

Keep it coming...

thunderheist is next.

Little j

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Pix from Night 1

Shout Out Out Out Out @ Wrongbar - a set on Flickr

Hey sorry for the delay (and quality) on these. That evening we learned that the Blackberry is not a camera.