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Short shorts:)


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Well....even though we've had good weather here and there so far this spring, I believe that today is THE official start to summer...so girls, since it's going to be quite hot out, it's time to break out those summer outfits that guys all know and love:)

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Originally posted by Cheeka
I would but there needs to be some tanning first... its been a long winter!!

short shorts=revealing more skin=more sun exposure=tan=short shorts

It's a simply cycle, really:)


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Here's some short shorts and some knee high socks too. :D

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Re: shorts

Originally posted by Metal Morphosis
shorts suck dick.

short skirts on the other hand.........

If my shorts sucked my dick..I would be one cold fucker in the winter!!!


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I saw a couple guys wearing jackets today!
I honestly couldn't believe it ... here I am walking around in a jersey and shorts ... and these guys are wearing pants and a jacket ... strange