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Shooting at the Eaton Centre


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One hospitalized in Eaton Centre shooting


One person was in hospital tonight after gunshots were fired at a busy downtown shopping mall full of last-minute Christmas shoppers.

The shooting occurred at the Eaton Centre just before 6 p.m., as the mall was set to close.

Police confirmed a 21-year-old man had been shot twice, once in the groin and once in the leg. The victim was taken to St. Michael's Hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

Police confirm the alleged shooter is at large but say they recovered a weapon at the scene.
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Last year i saw Fake Pigs (security guys) take down a couple of Teenagers, when i was leaving the LCBO. The REAL Pigs were inside the LCBO wondering what the commotion was.
"Uhhh security guards taking down assailants, Sir"
"Ohhh... hmm i guess i should get involved"

The police officer wasn't sure what to do cause he was posted as Liquor Store Security, but outside was a situation that required Police.

Still crazy shit.

A Fist-fight broke out at my work the other day, because 2 men wanted a shopping cart, but one grabbed it before the other, and was an (oddly) vindictive prick and ran over the other's foot with it.


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nothing like a good bullet in the groin to say, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" I hope santa brings all the good boys and girls such wonderful gifts this holiday seasons. Maybe even some WMD's. NOw wouldn't that be REAL nice!:D


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I read a case in my law class that there was a cop who pulled this guy over and the guy in the car was pissed of and shit, well the guy in the car was told to move his car so he did and in doing so ran over the cops foot, the cop told him to move the car but he did not, eventually the guy did move his car but the officer sustained injury. If I remember correct, the defence claimed that he was under no obligation to move his car. I think he lost. Prick.
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