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Shimon/Dekoze @Turbo

ecstasy riot

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Well my weekly Turbo outing.

Shimon, what was he thinking? The mixes were so horrible.

Layering a beatmatched song is a nice thing. No, really it is.

I expected more, obviously. The tracks were good at the beginning then detoriarated just like the mixes. I stayed till about 2:10am to maybe see if he can redeem himself, but it didn't happen.

I had fun regardless cos Turbo is a life essential after work =) but c'mon, this guy was not up to par at all.



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i liked him at the end (as disscussed but i was at the dmc's earliuer so i did not catch the first half of the set)

dekoze was amazing as always.


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Well that's true that Shimon didnt take the party to the next level.. I appreciated the up n commers sets much more.
Of course I cannot back up my opinion since i was hanging upstairs most of the time with this exceptionally cute girl (Randi) i met there.

Turbo however does not need compliments from ones like me.. it's quite an established fact that their friday nights are not to be missed.. ever!

Tribewise, i've seen only Fut (did u say something about putting me in the guest list? hmm
) and Smiley Jo (who for some peculiar reason was not scared of me lol)

e-riot: where are you hanging out usually?
originalVIBE: come say hi!
i thought shimon rocked the place! dub after dub! but then again im a huge fan of the ram camp. he was definatly much better than the last time he was here.

anyone have any info on the space invaderz rmx he dropped?


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the security crew downstairs was soo chilling
they smoked a joint with my buddy

and then they went asking other peeps for more! wikkid!
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ecstasy riot

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Dub after dub???

I was actually talking to Jordan about how it's great that UK dj's come around and spin the same old tracks. They were good, but not dubs if I've heard most of them before.One track he started about 3 times then played it for like 20 minutes then kept going with a different pitch.

The wannabee tease of Up all Night was pathetic.


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One question, did he play Body Rock? If so, how was it? If not, has anyone heard this live here and how does it go over live and in person. I fucking love that tune, but the only place I've heard it is on the drum and bass arena.