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Shifting Gears?


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can anyone be kind enough to provide any info they may have on this? i know that it's at una mas, and that it's thrown by the same folks who do movement @ roxy blu, but that's it.

help, please?

PS i live out of town, so i have no access to flyers.
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shifting gears happens at una mas and the resident dj's are Jason Palma and DeeJay Nav. i believe it happens every saturday evening and it's just around the corner from roxy blu...

that's all i know...



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thanks for the 411. i thought it was a monthly. i guess that means i'll have to check it out any time i can make it.


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london. i shouldn't say that i have _no_ access to flyers, but rather _limited_ access to flyers.

thanks for the heads up on the websites.
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Seeker, OSUNLADE is spinning @ Una Mas tonight, it's a Shifting Gears party and it hsould be some deep tribal, afro, and brazillian house. Should be great!