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Shift Party Review =)


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DJ "Pickles" you rocked my world !!!!!!! ;)

Despite the rain and glooooomy clouds, the turnout was still pretty damn amazing! Mossy and Schryer ripped up the dance floor, Paul Kultch was f**** relentless, Vanessa DeWilde was a vision of New YorkChicago style house lovliness, Mark Baker - yeah right that was your first time!! Vagrant, it was good to have you back on the decks - you haven't lost it one bit! Schaefer - you threw down a mean mutha'fucking set! Matt Cerf represented true to L.A style without forgetting he's a Montreal'er at heart! Kabo - wicked track selection and Jeremy - you put everyone on the dance floor and they stayed there for the rest of the night!!!

THE SHIFT crew did an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing job!


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AgentOrange0719 said:
Mark Baker - yeah right that was your first time!!

I gotta say thank you to the organizers who put this event together. Despite the glooming clouds, I'm glad that you were able to go ahead. My special thanks would like to go to S & L for asking me to come and spin. Ok...ok..ok....so it was my second time playing out for peeps. Thanks Shift Crew for the opportunity to rock at Cherry Beach! ;)


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that was much fun. saw old friends galore and made brand new ones. thank god the rain stayed away. the clouds kept some of the crowd away during the day, but once night fell they seemed to increase exponentially.

special cookies = immobility, but after that started to wear off I got my dance on to some funky crunchy stuff.

thanks to seth, liza, ryan, et al.


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Vagrant, it was good to have you back on the decks - you haven't lost it one bit!

That was great fun, especially considering what could have come of the ominous weather in the morning. Great to see so many old friends again too. Thanks for everything S & L.

Sal De Ban

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Thanks for dancing guys (and gals). What a wicked night - couldn't have asked for better weather! I don't need to say "shame on those who didn't come" cuz they know what they missed (heheh). Well it was really awesome to get to know Liza / Seth / Baker et al a bit better, and if you didn't get a CD mix last night, I'll post the mix on here soon. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Got there after sundown and was pleasantly surprised. There was a great crowd of people out.....amazingly friendly atmosphere.

Was having such a good time that I convinced quite a few friends to make their way to the beach. Aaron Mossey threw down some sick dirty electro tracks.....danced up a storm and had some nice chats on the grass.

Alas, I am now covered in mosquito bites but it was all worth it :)


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I had a fantastic time, and despite the early weather concerns I was really impressed with the turnout.

Great to see so many excellent peeps out for this! Too bad those crazy cookies left me completely out of it by the end of the night - SC you are in big trouble...

Lots of great sets throughout the day. Sorry Kabo to have to leave before you played. I was done!

Thanks guys for a job well done. Looking forward to Shift '07.


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This event really came together well thanks to all the positive vibes of the team putting it on. Big thanks to all the people who came out because as always, a good time always depends on the dancefloor. :)

My only question is what ever happened to the Search Party looking for Liam?


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Great time, easily one of the best few parties I've been to this year. We got there in time to catch Matt Vagrant's set, and his track selection and mixing were good as always (except for one small mistake pointed out to me by someone :)). Then heard Aaron Mossey and Schryer, and then left just after Kabo's set.

Good music, good DJs, good friends, *and* outside on a nice day - can't expect better than that.

Big thanks to everyone who worked to put this on, especially Seth and Liza. I'm sure it was a lot of work, but it all paid off (at least for all of the people who were there).
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Shift Party Review


As you all know, myself and 8 sexy organizers put together a free event that took place at CherryBeach last Saturday from 3pm-3am. Despite some crazy phoning around for generators the morning of the party, despite Mother Nature screwing with our sanity AND despite the music equipment arriving late ---- the party was a BLAST! I cannot thank enough, all the people who braved the uncertain weather, the monster mutant mosquito's and the late start to the party....those who did make it out brought their incredible energy, fantastic happy vibes and quite literally kept the dance floor thumpin right up until the last musical note!

The DJ's were AMAZING - each brought their unique style to the decks and kept our partyers dancing right up until the equipment guys packed away the system at around 4am:

DJ Pickles started the day out with his own brand of pickled house and matching shirt (loved it you nut!!!!), Mossy and Schryer ripped up the dance floor (ohmygod!), Paul Kultcha was f**** relentless and absolutely insane!!! Vanessa DeWilde was a vision of New York/Chicago style house loveliness with killer beats to match (chick dj's RULE!), Mark Baker - yeah right that was your second time in public - incredible!! Vagrant, it was good to have you back on the decks - you haven't lost it one bit and your energy was undeniably catching! Schaefer - you threw down a mean mutha'f***** set that really set the tone for the night! Matt Cerf represented true to L.A style without forgetting he's a Montreal'er at heart - damn boy -thanks for bringing that talent back home just for us!!! Kabo - wicked track selection - you never disappoint!!! And Jeremy - your awsome Breaks set put everyone on the dance floor where they stayed for the rest of the night!!!

We guesstimated around 150-200 people throughout the night - thank you ALL OF you - especially all of those who were from out of town (L.A, Montreal and even, Mexico!) The comments, compliments and kudos we have been receiving non-stop since Saturday are out of this world - its nice to know that there is still such an amazing, happy, friendly energetic and pure set of people out there who will attend these small events and support your local (and non-local ) Dj's! We missed all of you who were out that weekend at the various happenin's around town but, next year we'll aim for something that everyone can attend! ...hey, did we say next year.......?!

When you are a part of an event like this, you sometimes forget that you're supposed to be having fun too. But there was this moment - I think it was around 10pm-ish or so...I stopped running around and took a spot by the DJ tent and looked around....and all I could see were hands in the air, people jumping and dancing and every face had a great big smile. I saw all the organizers grooving away on the dance floor, I saw the DJ's having just as much fun as all the dancers and in that brief moment, any and every organizational thought and stressor just melted away! I'm sure every single person agrees with me when I say that no matter how insane the time leading up to to an event is, in the end its sooooooooooooooo worth it!

Peace and love to all of you!!! Liza, Seth, Ryan B, Paul J, Vic/Karl Borst, Liam D, Terence/Will, Matt S

There are lots of pictures on the way - I will try and get them together and send them out.
Sorry for the delay in writing this....it took like three days just to recover from Saturday!
~It was also fantastic to meet so many new faces. We hope to see you all of you again at various other parties and events that I will be promoting in the very near future! Many thanks to all the people who helped promote the party: 2thebeat, Patricia, all the organizers, DJ's etc who brought out their friends...

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