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SHG Radio Show #030 - progressive house/trance/techno

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by DJ Bolivia, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. DJ Bolivia

    DJ Bolivia TRIBE Member

    Welcome to this week's edition of Subterranean Homesick Grooves™, a weekly electronica-based radio show presented on CHMA FM 106.9 at Mount Allison University in Atlantic Canada. The show is normally programmed and mixed by Jonathan Clark (as DJ Bolivia), although some weeks feature guest mixes by other Canadian DJ's. The show encompasses many sub-genres within the realm of electronic dance music, but the main focus is on progressive and tribal house, and a bit of trance & techno. Liner notes for this episode (030) can be seen below.

    Here's our Podcast Feed to paste into iTunes or any other podcatcher: feeds.feedburner.com/shg

    Here's a Direct Link to the show: http://www.chma.fm/Bolivia_-_Subterranean_Homesick_Grooves_030.mp3

    Here are Track Listings for episode 030:

    01. Stereofunk, "Happy Piano" (Peaktimeboutique Remix).
    02. DJ Groover & Jelena Milosev, "At Night" (Nalder Clay & DJ Lewi Mix).
    03. Patrick Hagenaar, "Work It Till Ya Pass Out" (Houseshaker Mix).
    04. Roland Clark, "Black In My Soul" (Tiger Stripes Main Remix).
    05. Proper Villains, "Put Me In A Box" (Faskil Remix).
    06. Julian Jeweil, "Techno Corner" (Original Mix).
    07. Philip Whirlpool, "Time Has Come" (Brother Mix).
    08. Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner, "Conscindo" (Original Club Mix).
    09. Marshall aka Luigi Rocca, "Just Believe" (Original Mix).
    10. Rah Band, "Clouds Across The Moon" (Jay Lumen & Umek Hey Baby Remix).
    11. Crazibiza, "Spinning Around" (Tommyboy Remix).

    More information is available on our Website: http://www.subterraneanhomesickgrooves.ca

    Go to the Mix Downloads page on the main DJ Bolivia website if you'd like to check out a number of our older mixes: http://www.djbolivia.ca

    I don't really have much more to say! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, to everyone living in Canada.

  2. DJ Bolivia

    DJ Bolivia TRIBE Member

    Web site was down, first time ever that I'm aware of, right after I posted this. The issue is fixed now, sorry if anyone tried to click on the download link and it didn't work right away ...

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