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Shelter @ Roxy Blu w/ Timmy Regisford-Feb.1st


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taboolife presents:

Shelter @ Roxy Blu
Fri.Feb.1st, 2002


Main room:

-Timmy Regisford - NYC/ Shelter

-Jeremy Beckman - JMK/ Family Tree
-Mike Sitchon


-Marc de Breyne - Playrecords
-Noah Frank


-Hali & Rod G. - Poundhouse
-Jason Hynes
-Paul Hogan

-Live Grooves - Soulwhat

Roxy Blu 12 Brant st./w.of Spadina

10-4am, 19+

tickets: $15 advance purchase @ Play de
Record, Vice, Metropolis
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by j.schnabel:

-Timmy Regisford - NYC/ Shelter


I've heard Timmy spin a number of times at Vinyl, and I recommend him STRONGLY to anyone who likes the garagey and funky side of house.

Lots of vocals, lots of soul, lots of butt-twitching.

Par- T

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Saw him at the Garage416 party last summer, might check this out for a repeat. He was pretty good that night, though I had higher expectations from what people said about him.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Nesta:
Is he part of the Body & Soul crew?</font>

Nope, he does resident Saturday nights (Shelter) at Vinyl and a couple of other things in the city. Draws a much different crowd than DT on Fridays or the Body and Soul crew.
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what kind of crowd? I'm thinking about going but wasn't too impressed with Roxy the lat time I went...(not that he'll necessarily draw the same crowd in TO)


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10 years ago a diverse and dynamic movement was born. That movement was Shelter and the child it has grown into has shaped the future of dance music along its journey. Shelter has become well known and respected internationally for its acceptance of culture and lifestyle, to its founding parents, music is the spiritual source.

One of those founding parents, and Shelter's resident DJ is the legendary Timmy Regisford. This man is known as the Maestro, for every time he steps up to the decks, a new journey begins. From Vice President of Motown (where he now presides), to director of A&R at MCA Records and Atlantic Records, it could be argued that this man has single handedly kept the spirit of soul music alive in a musical climate where pop rules.

Timmy's biography is book worthy. From Trinidadian descent, his career is multi-faceted, combining DJ, Producer, Engineer, Remixer, and A&R. Adding his unique touch as a producer and remixer to the works of Diana Ross, Gerald Alston, Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, New Edition, Bobby Womack and Gladys Knight & The Pips to name a few, he has shaped the face of modern music.
In A&R, his aptitude for finding and developing new talent has bought the likes Blaze, Johnny Gill, Basic Black, Eric B & Rakim, Guy, Miki Howard, Ten City and Curtis Hairston to the forefront of the music scene. He has solidified label agreements with NY's Apollo Theatre Records and Motown¹s first UK label Funki Dred Records, headed by Soul II Soul's Jazzie B.

Timmy has never forgotten where and why he started, and that was as a DJ . His work as a DJ has attracted the likes of Stevie Wonder to drop in for a listen, and Danny Tenaglia to regard him as inspirational. Can he fit any more hours in the day? Well maybe just a few so that he could assist Steven Spielberg in his position as the Dreamworks musical director for the past two years.
Along with DJ's like Larry Levan, Timmy was the link between disco and a new era of house music, a tradition he carries with him today.


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one second, the guy rarely leaves NYC... the next second, he's playing in T.O twice in less than a year...

no way i'm missing this... really enjoyed his last visit..
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In respect to the flyer, Timmy's facial profile is on the back of the flyer in blue facing downwards. It's purposely filtered for that effect, so that it would be inconspicuous. The same designer as the Carl Craig Roxy Blu Hallowe'en event flyer.
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