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Shasta Elliott presents diskoslut [2004 House]


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I originally made this mix cd only for a demo for a promoter putting together a Sunday night jam, and recently I got asked for a copy of the cd. So I thought I'd post it.

tracklisting (to the best of my knowledge)

1. dj Hell - You Spin Me
2. Richard Grey - Sequencing
3. Hatiras and Bad Boy Bill - Illicit Activities
4. Umek - Fenaton
5. don't know
6. discosh!t - some French record
7. E-Rock feat. Latanza Waters - Quiver
8. Pusher 002 EP
9. Hatiras feat. Hatjak
10. David Guetta - Just a Little More Luv
11. Marco Bailey - Fiesta Leblon EP
12. Jark Prongo
13. Scumfrog - Music Revolution
14. Luke Slater - Nothing At All (King Unique mix)

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