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Shapiro Clears Emerson & Harper

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Shapiro's decision is perfectly justified, and reasonable. As said in the article, this is something to be resolved in Parliament, not in the office of the ethics commisioner.
I do hope the NDP are successful in passing their by-election law, although I really doubt it will happen.


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Ol'Bern did well. This wasn't some MP with little experience or credentials other than a rich parent (nudge, nudge), this was a former cabinet minister who was 'merely' returning to his former post to continue his former work.

As for the by-election law, it will have to be supported by the Liberals and the Conservatives to pass. Given how nicely both parties have done in this respect over the past few years, I doubt more than a handful will support it, and those who shall will do so more for saving face than anything else.