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Shamus Coghlan Frequency Berlin Mix


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Frequency Berlin and (807) Recordings that includes myself Shamus Coghlan wanted to share some music with everyone for the new year. I snuck in a few of the new tracks that you will see on the label and dropped a few of my favorites to start the year off with. Also there is a few tracks from my Gareth Duprey who I think is a new upcoming star. I believe Dimitri Pike has the tracks available for dload on his website wildtek.free.fr. Either way everything was chosen just for the flow and feel of the mix which I am sure has been inspired by my move to Berlin.

Frequency Berlin also has many other great mixes you may want to check out by Pacou, Dimitri Pike, Claude Younge, etc.

Originally two mixes of 30 mins each they have been combined for digital distribution.

Happy New Year and enjoy and best wishes.

Direct Link:
http://www.frequencyberlin.de/podcast/New Years Mix.m4a

iTunes link:


Tracks Listings:
Time 28,56
Part One:
1. Shamus Coghlan - Spriritual
2. Scion - Emerge 0
3. G-Man - Quo Vadis
4. Shamus Coghlan - Isolation
5. Sterac - Complete
6. Gareth Duprey - Tempest

Time 30,21
Part Two:
1. Deep Chord - Step One
2. Heiko Laux - The Silent Bass
3. Shamus Coghlan - Gemini XXX
4. Gareth Duprey - Urban Nights
5. Westbam - Oldschool
6. Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
7. Jeff Mills - Berlin
8. Shamus Coghlan - Penetration
9. Shamus Coghlan - 180 Grams


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Thanks for getting me to d/l my first podcast from iTunes. Yeah, a good 2-3 years behind the curve. You kids and your crazy technology, internet, and stuff.
Anywho. Nice mix. I enjoyed the old school CR tracks as well as your Isolation and acidey Penetration tracks. You mix into Beltram's Energy Flash was awesome. Great sound on all your mixes. You must do some magical mastering, EQing, etc.
Hope you're enjoying Berlin.


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Adopted said:
nice shamus... liked the stuff you played at the brinkmann gig... i love the heaviness!

It was a fun way to leave Toronto but my set came out a lot harder than I expected. Not that I don't like to play hard but Tresor or Toronto its just different on how it feels.

ERK- glad you liked it and thanks again for the support. You are one guy I still know who really is true to supporting techno artists.

Freq Berlin is a great group of guys and usually there is a good podcast up there.

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