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Shambhala 2003

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by MartyMcFly, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    Hey, I had a wicked time out west recently.
    I went to a party on the rockie mountains..



    Its about a 7 hour drive west of Calgary. The Salmo Ranch is a working farm. I saw cows. They had a little stream where nuff people got naked.. guys too.. lol.. that was weird at first but eventually you get use to seeing the penis while you're checking out the boobies. :cool: and if a 2-3 foot mountain stream was too cold for you?? there were showers you could take for $5. The food court was delicious & not just 'hippy food' either. Very Reasonably priced (ie) 2.50 hotdogs or a $7 meals. This was a 4 day. Starting on Friday at 12pm and ending at noon on Monday. The stages were like nothing I’ve EVER EVER seen before. I wish I took more pics, but the venue/location was sOo dope I ended up eating some pills & shrooms that weekend as to not damage the digi. The jungle pit ( big up dJ thistle) was where I spun on Saturday night. They used a bulldozer to dig/push up the ground and they made a pit which they covered with a parachute. Best set I saw there was a live performance by the band CUBE (Nelson bc). I dont dance to bands very often, but LIVE JUNGLE?? Bo! Bo! bo! They had the place a rocking. Slide & Slide also spun there....same with C-rat. Another stage was the fractal forest. Looooooots of eye candy. 4 HUGE video screens hanging from I don’t know how ... on the trees maybe?? Or a huge stand?? I enjoyed watching dJlace.com. His mix of video and audio was very unique. Imagine hearing the words coming from the record while also watching the video person mouthing the same phrases. I felt like lisa simpson.. quote" I can see the music" hehe. good stuff lace. The ewok village was the best stage of them all. They had thinned out some trees in a forest and left some of the stumps sticking out of the ground at various heights which they built and made connecting platforms. People could dance up there or just walk around high up in the trees which circled around the dance floor. The dJ booth ( in the middle of it all ) even spun around. It did a 180 spin one way and then back.. omg.. so sick. I'm not doing any justice trying to describe this to you. Lots of room to dance either up high or down low by that stage. They're were 3 more stages. The main stage was the main stage which felt like a club. The inna sacdom was mostly goa trance and the beach stage provided beats all day and night as well.

    Another BIG highlight of my weekend was seeing dJs I started out spinning with once again. I thought they'd all vanished. Im talking about old school west coast original dJs... like Little-t, dJ Lace, Adham Shaikh ( or adam x back in the day ) Mike from the LUX, james brown, minute maid. TOTAL flash backs for me. Other dJs I enjoyed hearing were: the krafty kuts, Soul Of Man, tipper.... ALL very very good.

    Other HIGHlights? Seeing the northern lights while on the mushrooms. Hanging out with postive minded mountain folk. Mixing Jungle one afternoon back to back with TAJ and THISTLE. Watching the LASER projections against the mountains. Sitting in the river in the lawn chair with beers chillin in the water.

    click here to see my pictures & start the slide show.

    What a kick ass weekend.
    well worth going to if you can
    afford the time
    and the cash getting out there.
    For more info on the party
    Visit : http://www.shambhalamusicfestival.com
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2003
  2. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    That looks fantastic. I've been to Trail BC and the area is like nothing we have over here.
  3. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    yeah, location location location.

    Best party Ive ever been to.
    I cant' stress that enough.

  4. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter

    looks cool...

    how was Lorin (aka Bassnectar)?

    I heard he tore shit up once again....
  5. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    I heard the same about lorin as well,
    but sadly I missed his sets.
    nuff people were talking about him though.

    A lot of the dJ's had multiple sets.

    Like czech for example.
    One of his sets wasnt even breaks.
    He dropped a tunes from the STOKES
    and then mixed his next record/CD like a radio dJ.

    and also the stages weren't exclusive to one sound.
    Sometimes youd couldnt get away from the breaks :cool:
    aaaaaaaaaaah yeah.... It was heaven for me.

    lots of dubby house by the beach
    lots of progressive house.
    lots of fun..

    I wish I was there still.
  6. suburban sound system

    suburban sound system TRIBE Member

    nice photos marty!

    i missed out this year...

    Tej was saying last night they played an 11.5hr set...:eek:

    fREAKYjUNGLIST New Member

    i wish i went....oh well, bro, i hope you had fun..i'll certainly be there next year!
  8. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    fREAKYjUNGLIST ( jermery) ,
    I know what you mean.

    Sorry you couldn't greyhound it with me. A 2-4-1 greyhound trip would have been long but fun to experience. Or even a 2-4-1 with jetsgo. I gotta watch for that deal to come out again and plan accordingly.

    When I took the bus from Calgary to Invermere I met enough other people going there as well. All the back seats were taking up by other shambhalites excited about their own pilgrimage to the salmo ranch.

    what a late great summer of partying this year.

    promise events= free times
    OM = good times
    wemf = drunk times
    shamabhala was the rockie mountain high-times.

    S.S.S (jermery): yeah tej and thistle spun back to back forever.I just was walking by and also dropped a few tunes using their records.

    wow :cool: big up all tribe jermery's.. booooow!!!
  9. Hispeeddub

    Hispeeddub TRIBE Member

    Simply amazing..... nothing compares....... I will be @ this party every year posible.......

    Lorin, Tipper and Krafty fuckin rocked it like nothing I have ever seen……..

    Northern lights, naked hola hoop dancers, many beautiful smiling females, the mountains, the amazing music, the vibe.

    Unfortunately word cannot accurately describe or do any justice for this experience.
  10. Hispeeddub

    Hispeeddub TRIBE Member

  11. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    Hey hiSPEEDdub
    sorry for calling you STEVE ( in other post)
    or is that actually your name??
    I was thinking highstevedub.

    anyways, Im dying to see more pictures.
    did you take any??
  12. Hispeeddub

    Hispeeddub TRIBE Member

  13. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter


    I wanna go back..

    fREAKYjUNGLIST New Member

    wow, i can actually feel the amazing vibe..just by looking at the pictures...AMAZING!!!!!
    i'm for sure going next year!:)
    wow..the pics are breathless!
  15. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    Review on the fingerlickin site.

    "The 6th Annual Shambhala experience is a quest for light and a celebration of the light and joy within us all. The first principle of Shambhala vision is not being afraid of who you are. We call upon you to join us in the Kootenays, to sojourn to the Salmo River Ranch, 500 acres nestled in a mountain river valley. Experience the freedom at a gathering of talent, vibe and vision. Join us while we dance for 72 hours straight, come camp, meet new friends, enjoy old ones, live, love, laugh, ... and then dance some more..."
    And so with this in mind Krafty Kuts and Soul of Man donned their tie-dies to bring their funky brand of peace and love to the gorgeous, friendly and happy hippy folk of Shambahla. Three days of literally non-stop and seriously high quality dance music (from mostly local talent and a smattering of international guests unaffectected by the mysterious electricity blackout including Tipper, DJ Czech, Hoola-Hoop, Vinyl Richie, Lorin Bassnectar) and in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the Kootenay Mountains in BC Canada, it made for one hell of a weekend! For the Finger Lickin’ entourage it was quite an eye-opening experience…
    The Main Stage is where it began for our lot: Krafty was up first on Friday, ripping it apart with his hip-hop thang, sending crowds into a frenzy as the tempo started rising. Soul of Man took their position behind the decks on Saturday and shelled it out in equal measure with their usual energetic antics... Later that night it was Krafty Set Number Two, this time in the truly magical surroundings of the Fractal Forest (pictured), where the decks were set up in the hollowed-out trunk of a tree and the entire wooded area was surrounded by huge, fantastically trippy video projections. Krafty had the energy switched to high, delivering a furiously funky and fast-paced set that knocked ‘em dead!
    By Sunday things were getting pretty twisted, with no exception to our very own Soul of Man, who donned their twisted house hats to bring the die-hard dancers a blend of dirty acid-laden groovers deep into the wee hours, unaware also that the heavens were providing a spectacular light show of Northern Lights over their heads at the same time.
    And so then back to the tents, where the relentless pulsings of basslines and beats throbbed on non-stop just in case you were thinking of sleeping... A magical experience was had by all – Big shouts to the organisers and crew, particularly Mike and Sarah, and all the other wonderful people we hung out with – too many to name but you know who you are - we will remember this forever!

  16. Hispeeddub

    Hispeeddub TRIBE Member

  17. Hispeeddub

    Hispeeddub TRIBE Member

    Rumour has it both the Plumps and Freq Nasty will be @ next year event


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