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SHAKEDOWN - Friendlyman meets Chuckieboom w/ Dripp


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You know when you go somewhere and there's not a whole lot of people but the vibe and the beatz are soooooo sweet that it really doesn't matter?

Well, that was Friday @ Comfort Zone.
It wuz a friends b-day and we decided to hit 3 different bars. I'm really glad we went to CZ though.

Dripp played fat azz beatz which consisted of Drum & Bass with some ragga, hip-hop and reggae thrown in for good measure. Respect!
Friendly and charles were hype too! Opening with "Hide You" accapella laced with a 2000 dancehall smash riddim "bellyas". O My.
Tunes, tunes and more tunes.

vibe there was great. There wuz chillin, booty shakin, talkin, drinkin and smokin.

Respect to all those involved.

Peace and Love,

Kid Sean
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ya see! how come i don't hear about them parties like that?