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Sex Trothler (alienInFlux and Box of Kittens)

Destro Sanchez

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we in there..

gonna pass on the chacouterie plate that night, save you all from smelling the grossest dance sweat ever... ;)

Q. Does anyone else consciously pick meals that won't make you sweat or stink as bad on the dancefloor later that night?

Even when I do take note, I still smell :D

Don't think (?) I've seen Seth Troxler, shouldbegood.


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Always interested in one of their parties, always interested in late in a cool space.
And Destro yes to answer your question: no legumes before dancing!! Cardinal rule!


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September 24, 2008
The Bunker Podcast 33: Seth Troxler
Recorded live at Summertime Rolls at The Yard this past weekend. Not technically a Bunker party, but hey, it's closely related enough, and this set is amazing enough, that we had to podcast it. We've always known that Seth is an amazing DJ, but this set showcases just how much he's matured as an artist in the past few years. Read more about him here.



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Sounds like this will be a good one.

Looking forward to seeing Seth Troxler for the first time too!