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Sex Traffic now available on DVD

Andrew Duke

TRIBE Member
A year and a bit back BBC Channel 4 (UK) and CBC TV (Canada) aired a two-part
mini-series called Sex Traffic. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0419365/
It is a powerful movie about the under-reported facts that young girls are still to this
day being forced into the sex traffic trade.
This show has aired a couple of times in the UK and Canada since its original
broadcast; if you missed it, or would like to see it again, I encourage you to
buy or rent the DVD (which has just been released). If you would like to know more
about this award-winning production, please check out the IMDB URL above.
One of my tracks was used in the club scene, another in the closing credits. It was
an honor to be involved in such an incredible and important film.
Take care.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Some of these girls dont have a lot going for them. So either they starve and die on the street... or they work in a brothel and get food and shelter. I think the 2nd option is better, even if they are underage.