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Here's a little game that I played during my volunteer core skills training course for ACT (The AIDS Committee of Toronto). It was meant to break down communication barriers and to enlighten. Here is how you play:

There are three topics

1)Sexual positions/activites
2)Male Body Parts
3)Female Body Parts

Now you have to name and explain (if not common knowledge) ONE item for each topic.
(Slang terms are better)

For example:

1)Snowballing - a sexual act in which a male is blows his load in his partners mouth and gets it back in his own mouth via a kiss.
2)Fuzzy Taco
3)Joy Stick

Get it?? Well have fun then...
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Snowballing? Here we go again....


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haha good work Jon

Horizontal Polka
front and back bums
not in the vagina business<--describing gay guys
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mine werent in categories..just general words we used for things...aww..im playing the sex game wrong...guess its time for a spanking.

Jeremy Jive

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Here is my contribution.

1: Bumpin uglies
2: Sausage Wallet, Hairy beef curtains, vertical smile
3: One eyed purple headed yogurt pistol.

jeremy -oh this could be fun- jive
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