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Seven Samurai Movie


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I was recently told that i *have* to see this movie, so I went looking for a DVD of it.
I found one listed on the FutureShop website, it's $60.99, yeah, just a little expensive.
I looked at the dvd details and noticed that the sound is only in mono.
so my question is this: does anyone know if there is a better quality dvd of this movie out there, one with at least stereo sound (assuming that the original movie was taped in something better than mono) ??

If there isn't, is the tape of the movie in better sound than mono?

I know with a movie so classic and timeless the sound quality shouldn't make that big of a difference, but I have been spoiled by dolby digital and DTS movies and i am afraid i might not enjoy the movie as much if i'm forced to watch it in one track mono.


Hey steve

That movie is only available in mono as far as i know. I watched the DVD recently (my cousin owns it, and paid $70 for it). It's from like 1957 or something and its black and white.

It's still good in that format, trust me, you'll get swept into the story and not notice the inferior sound and picture quality. Kinda like how you fail to notice the black marks on a widescreen picture once you get into it.

Why buy? Just rent it.


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yeah i hear what you are saying..

maybe i will just rent.. but with a movie that has been ranked in the top 10 movies of all time, i figured the purchase would probably be worth it in the long run.
70 bucks for a flick is pretty expensive though.

i did just find it on amazon.com for like 34 bucks USD, that works out to about 100 bucks i think :>

and i guess the sound and vid quality shouldn't really matter, i mean if people like it so much, and it's only mono, the story must more than make up for the lack of multiple sound tracks.

thanks for the info y0