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Setting up a business in Ontario


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Has anyone set up a small business in Ontario recently? I'm looking for a good resource that has all the info as far as what documents need to be completed and all of that jazz...
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you can get the Business Incorporation Handbook from the Publications Ontario at just south of Bay and Wellsley (880 Bay).

i think it is in most bookstores too.
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I registered on-line, but didn't do a name search and it was like 60 bucks.



incorperation will cost about $500.
I recommend you do that.


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incorporation is good. if your strapped for cash all you need is a GST# and BN (business number) you can apply online i believe and its all free.

you can register a business name for 60$ (pretty sure). anyway if you use your name as your business name then you can get started for nothing dont need a business name reg.

so use your name, get BN# and GST# and your good to go. someone pipe in here if im missing something.
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Incorporation is 200$
The optional business name is 20$ b/c of unique name lookup service.
All of this can be done online within a matter of hours.


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The gov't CSR that I called told me it was $60 for a search. And if you do it online, you can get results right away.
If you go in person, it will take 2 days.

You have to be careful about calling your company "inc."


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A better way than going online and filling a few easy forms is to pay a team of corporate lawyers $15k to do it for you. Also they have nice offices, free coffee, and give you a pin that makes you feel important. The pin has your name on it, and the window's view is relaxing. Oh, they'll forget details about branch taxes, WSIB, and be generally unclear about what constitutes a GST applicable sale, but they'll assure you that they'll look into it, for a further $750 an hour.