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Sets from 1999-2000


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I've been in the mood for some music from when I started listening to electronic music, about 1999-2000. So im looking for a set that has some tune such as Gouryella, Out of the blue, etc. Stuff like that. Dont really care who the DJ is or anything, I just want a set with thay sort of stuff. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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You want Cream Collect Trance Discs One and Two. If you are on Soulseek I have them. My username is dirtymatt. Feel free to browse for anything else too.



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Get a Ferry Corsten or Tiesto @ Trance Energy 2000.

a trancy energy set from any dj in either 99 or 2000 will have the stuff it seems you're lookin for.
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here's a mix i made from that timeline...

1. Chicane - SALTWATER (Original Mix) [1999]
2. Ayla - ANGELFALLS (Elemental Force Mix) [2000]
3. Marc Et Claude - I NEED YOUR LOVIN (LIKE THE SUNSHINE) (Dark Moon Vocal Mix) [2000]
4. Lustral - EVERYTIME (Mike Koglin Remix) [1999]
5. Armin Van Buuren - COMMUNICATION (Original 12" Mix) [1999]
6. Gouryella (Tiesto & Corsten) - WALHALLA (Vocal Extended) [1999]
7. Delerium - HEAVEN'S EARTH (Matt Darey Remix) [2000]
8. Veracocha - CARTE BLANCHE (Original Mix) [1999]
9. Robert Miles - FABLE (Dream Version) [1997]
10. BT - DREAMING (Libra Mix) [2000]
11. Blank & Jones - THE NIGHTFLY [2000]
12. DJ Taucher - CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE - SANVEAN (Phase II Mix) [1999]
13. Ayla - AYLA Part 2 (Extended Mix) [1999]
14. Angelmoon - HE'S ALL I WANT (Cappery Extended) [1998]

http://www.pop-up.ca/mixes/index.pl?Action=ChDir&Session=&CurrentDirectory=&DirName=Arek TripleSL