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Set To Devestate

johnny B rad

TRIBE Member
just wanted to let everyone know that i just put up a new mix on www.infected-rhythms.com check the techno dj's for Johnny B Rad and the new mix... SET TO DEVESTATE for your pleasure. anyone can easily add their own mixes if interested. let me know what you think. cheers
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johnny B rad

TRIBE Member
forgot to mention, it is a mix of funky/driving/pulsing techno. not too fast but if it don't make your booty move, your booty must be dead!

johnny B rad

TRIBE Member
Trackisting for SET TO DEVESTATE

1.anton x - the outsider,marc twins mix
2.andy slate,masquerade
3.misstress barbara, effet karma
4.gaetano parisio, donna
5.the advent,stand firm
7.mark williams, carnival of lost souls
8.the advent, don't you try
9.thomas krome, compressed
10. yul fuka, misstress barbara mix
11. sare muratore, nampula
12.mac zimms, the sax shop
13. sare muratore, mongoma
14.wings of sound, gentech
15. rolando, knights of the jaguar

sorry the list took so long. enjoy the mix, it's about 65 min of techno