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Service Ontario. Ticket fines


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I just went to a service Ontario kiosk to renew my licence. They told me I had outstanding ticket fees.

They printed me off the total I owed. I then went to metro hall to get my tickets printed off. There is a $400 difference in what my tickets add up to and what the service kiosk total said.

Why would there be such a difference?

The fee from service Ontario kiosk says that is parking fines.
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justin surdit

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Court fees, late fees etc.

If o/s parking tickets are long enough in delinquency there are other fees that are tacked on over and above the cost of the ticket.


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The tickets from the registry could be for a certain time period in the past and not necessarily to clear up all outstanding tickets.

Both the registry and metro hall can provide ticket numbers (unique IDs) for you to compare against each other.