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Server move finally completed


Staff member
Everything is now on the new server. The gallery moved over this weekend and has tested OK so all the back photos are going to be uploaded today and tomorrow.

What a huge process it is moving all these sites and files - its taken 2 months to do - but at least there was only a few hours downtime. It ran quite smoothly I think. Carefull planning and a good tech crew made it happen

Now that's done, its time to devote maximum attention on the magazine.

Thanks for the patience and the support.

Alex D
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Avatar's ?

how about you put that "who's online" tool back, so we can all see that pr0nstar still reads the forums
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avatars are fun but kinda annoying.

plus those reading at work have something more to hide from their bosses (aside from emoticons and goatse and porn and kife's tag), making it hard to say they are doing work.

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