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series 7:the contenders

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i just watched this movie tonight and was wondering how many of you have seen it. for those who don't know it's basicly a parody of reality tv shows in which 6 contenders are chosen at random and they have to kill each other off. last one standing wins.

personally i thought they did an incredible job of making the movie seenm like a tv show. they captured all of the cheesyness and sensationalisn of reality tv, even down to the melodramatic narration and the "coming up next" sequences!

just wondering if anyone's seen it and if they liked it or not.


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Must agree this is an wicked movie.

I hate reality t.v. but this movie is a must see.


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2 thumbs up.
I like when the little girl goes up to the one woman, and is like, "I saw you on tv.... I love you!" or something around those lines.

really well done and it puts a nice spin on all those reality-based tv shows.
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The funny thing is that this was written before Survivor ever came together, it was supposedly more based on shows like COPS than anything else. Still brilliant insight.

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i really loved the final scene where they recreated it using different actors. i'm also pretty sure it was filmed in canada.


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I wouldn't include it in my top ten or anything but it was an outstanding film.

Very timely as well. Especially when one considers that it was shot before the reality tv craze swept the airwaves.