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Serial podcast


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Is anyone listening to this? I just started with the first episode. Definitely interested to download more.


One question to those who are right into this - are the people interviewed by the presenter the real people involved in the case? Even the guy incarcerated for the murder?

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Just finished episode 4. Some of them are quite short - 30 min. Perfect to listen to on the bike or at the gym. No surprise, the Baltimore police, detectives and prosecutors all sound like bigoted morons (apropos of the times we live in). Biggest thing I have gotten from the podcast so far, without getting into any theories of who I think did the crime, etc., is a reaffirmation that the police and legal system is goddamn scary and not to be fucked with.


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I can't find another thread on this topic but Episode 2 of Season 2 is up. I really enjoyed Season 1 and the subsequent media coverage of Adnan's case.

Season 2 is about a military POW who deserted his post before being captured by the Taliban. I am not as invested in the "did he do it/why'd he do it" of this case but still a good morning coffee sipper.