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SERENITY @Opera House


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ok this is regarding the problem of the wee ones at this party. Stereotyping the wee ones is wrong, cuz sure some of them are there for the wrong reasons, but in some cases some of them are there because they like the music. I for one, am not 19 yet and would love to be so I could hear some of the shit I can't cuz everyone brings in the same people for parties. I was 14 at my first party and I am now 18. People like you were why I felt so damm uncomfortable at my first party, cuz I got those "damm look at the younguns" look. I went with all my friends and we went for the music. Parties are the only place these "wee ones" can go to hear their music, so if there is such a problem with that then why do people complain, and not just stay in their clubs?

"wee one grown up"

Smiley Jo

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stereotype. I have no problem with younger people partying, it just really bothers me to see 14 and 15 year old fucked off their tree on drugs. I think of myself at that age, and I can't comprehend how they are able to handle it. It just gets to me is all.


dj x

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Personally having started to party at the age of 14, now that I think about it..it's all wrong..not everyone is fortunate enough to have older friends look after you and make sure you don't make any mistakes.

I was lucky enough back then that I did have close friends who cared and watched out for me who were all at least 4 or 5 years older then me. I'm grateful they were around because I felt secure and knew they were always there for me. They've had their fair share of experiences and know the do's and dont's.
There's nothing wrong with going out to party it up all night, but maybe one should be a little bit more responsible and wait it out until you feel mature enough to handle situations within this kind of atmosphere.

Saying no to drugs is hella lot easier when you're older and more mature, it's pretty easy to peer pressure a younger kid to do drugs.
Maybe that's what Jo was trying to get at?
The fact that it's ok if the kids are partying it up and enjoying themselves, but maybe keeping the drug taking later on when on is mature enough to handle the effects.

I could be wrong hehe

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