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SERENITY @Opera House

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ecstasy riot, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    Well what can I say?

    Amazing decorations, as far as people went, oh boy! Why do people insist on getting etarded? Why do people insist on doing so much drugs?

    Grooverobber played some cool tracks and that hunky Subsonic Chronic actually had me dancing.

    But why did Frisky and D-Minus play some trance, didn't you promise us no trance and had me all excited? [​IMG]

    Fun times dancing on long weekends, and it was nice seeing so many friends.

  2. smokee

    smokee TRIBE Member

    madd props to brad for for a lot-a hard work
    ...last night was hype, the crew was in the right mood, and everything was worth while when marty and vinn-e toggled a little florida .....the best was when vinn-e dropped that sharaz trax "i see stars"sick
    not exactly what i expected from grooverobber but still very dope
    all and all >>>>>supa dope
    do it again >>>>>yes, thanks for a supa dope night [​IMG]
    .....need sleep feet hurt...need sleep fee...
  3. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    no sleepin!
  4. Retepic

    Retepic TRIBE Member

    Nice job serenity You've done it again...the place looked amazing. It certainly felt like spring in there. I had a great time. So good to see old friends again, and make new ones. And also finally got to put faces to names.
    The sound was much better than last time; Props.

    The music wasn't really wasn't my cup of tea, but nevertheless i was dancing most of the night.
    Can't wait for your next all trance party....

  5. Retepic

    Retepic TRIBE Member

    Ecstasy riot, i saw you last nite on stage. [​IMG]

    I was standing behind you when you were dancing, and bumped into me while i was fixing my camera. [​IMG]

  6. sweetbabu

    sweetbabu TRIBE Member

    Ok, I didn't have fun but I think that was because of the mood I was in when I got there. It took like 3 and a half hours to get there even tho it's a 40 min. drive. Gardner Expressway, what can I say. I finally get in and I really wasn't down for the packed mess that was inside. The breaks kept me happy, and a bit o house helped, but what happened to the Uk Garage?? Did I miss it, or did it just not happen. All in all, I was disappointed but that was probably my fault cuz my friends had fun. I guess being in a bitch and trying to have fun with that many people around me, pushin and shovin, was not the right recipe. Who knows, maybe next time??

  7. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    Alright kids.
    After next to no sleep, a family brunch and a very sore head, I'm writing my review.
    First off- This has been the first time I was out to a party in a month and a half or so, the last one being Big Bud.
    The night was absolutely amazing.
    I'll start off by saying that. While the decorations were good, the music was definetly sick and there were no huge disasters (well there were quite a few that happened to me, but that's a different story) what really made this party were the people.
    The vibe I thought was incredible, for all of the crew I went out with, you better all still have those damn bracelets [​IMG] (even if someone else gave you a better one kevin!)
    Finally got to meet Mr. Alex D himself and I think I was a bit star struck as I remember blatherring on like a bit of an idiot, gushing about my respect for him, handing him a bracelet and running off to hide behind either Lori or Patrick in embarassment. This cool collected cat is apparently not so smooth ;D
    While the night began in drunken debauchery (Kevin: Allie chug that wine (from a plastic glass) I need to rent that glass out) (Keith: I am NOT drinking that...(he did to the chorus of me and Anna going *chug chug* ) it ended in dancing and good music.
    Lineup went smoothly, didn't have to wait to long, though the party sold out it was not completely crowded so you couldn't dance like so many parties get now adays. Bouncers for once were incredibly nice and respectful, especially the 6'4 giant dubbed 'Tiny'.
    Big props to the decorating crew, the Opera House looked fantastic.
    The early half of the night was spent mainly in the 19 + lounge ...cough...cough [​IMG] - the only complaint of which I have to it is that it was so goddamn HOT up there. The humidity and heat in that place were KILLER. Anyone who saw me go in at the beginning of the party with straight sweet stylin hair and leave with what I can only affectionately dub 'an afro' or 'the bush' will understand this.
    The music- There seemed to be some confusion as to what genres were being played to my dissapointment. The music was weaker earlier in the evening, but the crowd really got going at the end of the night. Grooverobber definetly had some good parts of his sets, Vinn-e as well. SICK set by the one and only Subsonic Chronic, though maybe I'm biased cuz I've met him a few times and he's a wicked guy. And has the sweetest girlfriend in the world! I was never really into breaks before this party, still not my number one choice of music but definetly has broadened my musical horizon.
    My only other complaint was how many kids in the washroom were majorily sick off drugs, and how much extra time I had to help taking care of them. Not that I mind helping at all, but it made me really sad to see all these sketched out 14 and 15 year olds. People, if your going to use drugs at parties use responsibly! I'm not anti-drug just anti-abuse.
    Major props to the Serenity Crew for a well planned party. I'll definetly be at the next festivities.
    And to kife, basic, loress, alexd, galactic phantom and the rest of you with those bracelets...thanks for a wicked night [​IMG]
    t. tAntRuM
  8. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    well, it was truely an epic nite, wikkid decorations, wikkid sound system, wikkid sets (especially dj x and marty's later on) but man o man!! whats with all u fuckin sketched out floor people!! there was sooo many fucked up kids there!! as e-riot said, why do insist on doin sooo much drugs? is it fun to pay for a ticket get retarded, sit in a corner all nite and not really remember anything the next day?
    other then that it was a dope party!!
    props to serenity!!
    stick with the breaks party's [​IMG]

    nice meeting u willar, thanx again.
    good to see neil and drea again too.

    jonny w

    oh yea... need more than one bar tender upstairs.
  9. Hawk Eye

    Hawk Eye TRIBE Member


    I must say this was an incredible party. I finally managed too meet many ppl off the tribe board. [​IMG] The only complaint i have is the heat. I left at about 5:30 am (to go to a coffee shop) bc i waas getting a headache and i was ready to collapse out of exhaustion. The dj's that i wanted to see spin i didn't really get to see bc they were at the end of the night. I saw pete's set and he never lets me down. First set that i actually danced too that night. I like breakz but 1) i can't dance to them and 2) i get sick of them really easily, same with house. I had a friend who told me that if the vibe wasn't good at this party then he'd quit partying forever (he's had bad experiences at his last few parties) and well what can i say? you guys didn't let him down. He enjoyed himself [​IMG] Thank you Serenity and thank you tribe for making me have a wonderful time. First time i enjoyed myself at a party since August [​IMG]

  10. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    well for the third nite in a row, this party was a little tiring for me.....but i could not stop myself from dancing! I was there for the breakz and i was soooo extremely satisfied with the sets spun by all dj's! Nice job! But like FunkNstyle and e-riot said......WAY TOO MANY SKETCHBAGS!! I mean I would like to be able to walk through the party without glowstix being shoved in my face, or vibrating massage machines being rubbed on my forehead........i just don't get it! Anyways, a good way to end of my everlasting eatsr wknd.

  11. [​IMG]Maximum respect to the ones like Serenity! Fabulous job with the sound, lights, and the DECOR! I think last night You set another standard (what else is new [​IMG]) in terms of quality of production! Job well done!

    [​IMG]As for the music, even though I managed to catch the sets of only 2 DJs, I liked it!

    [​IMG]Pete - you played the best Hard NRG set I have heard in a long time. Smooth mixing (VERY!) and great track selection with pounding beats and piercing acid lines have definately left a big impression.

    [​IMG]Thanx Serenity for bringing so many friends together last night!

  12. This has been going on for years. That's what many kids do at parties. They feel free to do it. Respect their freedom. If you don't like it, try to avoid it.

    Personally, I tend to grab the 'light show fanatics' and the 'massage attendants' by the throat and instill the fear in them that way... everyone has their ways [​IMG]
  13. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    oh i know...i've been partying for years also, it just seems like last night was exceptionally sketchy. I don't mind them all that much, becuz they are enjoying themsleves, i'd just hate to see something bed happen to one of them.

    They're all extremely nice, but sometimes it gets annoying after a while!

  14. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    We arrived at the opera house at about midnight, I think. Very little line up , soo good. Security checks were insainly thourough I saw the rubber gloves and since they went through every thing I had so thouroughly, pockets hat wallet shoes etc I thought a rectal exam was next but I got in eventually . Over all I was expecting more funky breaks. and no trance but all in all it was a good night. I saw so many ppl ,fiona, emily, laura, peter,nub,john, sarah etc. it made for a tight vibe throughout the night. The only dissapointment was how many ppl were in there and just standing. everytime I would try to dance at the start of the night there would be someone infront of me just standing listening and it really limits your dancing space and enjoyment. space soon opened up which was good. One other down fall of the night was how hot the opera house gets. especially on the balcony. damn! but oh well . its all good .
    Serenity = 7/10
    good job.
  15. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    Excellent party..

    cant articulate well enough..
    still recovering..

    point form will have to do

    nipples hurt

    ears ringing in the key of G

    Pete's set was phenominal..

    Decorations & video screen were kickass

    Sound was *loud* & crisp

    and props to all that showed, made themselves known & made this night propah..


  16. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    are you oriental, cos then i think i know who you were [​IMG] ?
  17. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    yea i know but ur also forgettin' that back in the day they werent rude and asked u if u wanted a glo show or a meassage, now they jus jump on u or start wavin' those fuckin things in ur face.... even then i'm nice and say, "no thanx" or "i'm ok" and then act like u insulted them?? wtf?

    and as for str8 up sketchers, it's always been around too but over the past year or so i've noticed that people are taking WAY too many drugs or ppl. jus cant handle the drugs anymore.

    maybe i'm stuck up or maybe i'm an asshole but just like my sister and most of my friends i cant go to a party without feeling disgusted by the amount of people that are Fucked Up Beyond Recognition and crawling all over each other.

    but hey i guess thats what "raving" is all about!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    jonny w

    <<--remembers why he goes to 19+ party's now
  18. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    not EVERY party, just most of them now.
  19. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    jaded much ? [​IMG]
  20. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    that's funny cuz at subtransit, my friend was asking my sister where all the drugs went.

    vibe shmibe. it all depends on where you're standing in the room. [​IMG]
  21. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    What a fun party! And there were sooooo many familiar faces. I had a truly amazing time and I love that there were so many smiling faces as well.

    Grooverobber through down a wikkid set, but I have to say that Pete, your set was phenomenal!!! I didn't stop dancing the entire time. SOOOO GOOD!!!!

    The decorations were fucking amazing and was impressed to see that there was a full house. Good job Serenity, it was truly a wonderful night.... and I can't wait until there's another [​IMG]
  22. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    I must apologize for not being too social and hiding back stage the whole time I was there. I woke up around 12:30am with hangover madness from serious afternoon debauchery and needed to get myself out of that funk.

    Grooverobber was playing some really wicked house tunes, but having never heard him before I assumed he'd be a bit harder since he had recorded on Tinrib in the past.
    I hate talking about my set normally, but that night everything felt really good, the crowd was fantastic to spin for and I had a really great time. It did get recorded, and I'll try and release it, but at the very least it'll be up on mp3 shortly.
    Frisky and D-Minus were a lot trancier than I expected, and I suspect there were some problems with Donny's mixer, but that didn't slow them down, or the crowd for that matter. So many times I'd be ready to head out and then stick around for that "one last track".

    Wicked decorations, another top-notch production from the Serenity crew. Everytime that I go to a Serenity jam, it's so evident how much time and effort is put into it. Congrats again boys!

    It was good to see so much of the TBK there too. Even though I was hiding backstage, I managed to see just about everyone at least once. [​IMG]

    Good times, my only beef being the guy who offered my crystal on the way in. I mean.. crystal??!?!! Who does that anymore? I thought that stuff went out with polio...

  23. Dj PyRO

    Dj PyRO TRIBE Member

    fuck, such long reviews. Lets just say this shit was done right!
  24. KiFe

    KiFe TRIBE Member


    [​IMG] runsfromk [​IMG]
  25. That's when You grab them by their neck... yih yih...

    *evil grin*


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