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Sequenced Live Looping (ie with NO foot pedal)


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I saw a lot of threads on live looping in Ableton and the necessity of foot pedals so I thought I would remind everyone that you can use a midi loop to SEQUENCE your live sampling. You will probably even find this handy if you do have a pedal. Check it out:

Step One: Make a MIDI Loop

-plug a midi output into a midi input, or use the IAC midi loop in the 'audio midi setup' of you mac, or use any number of PC programs

Step Two: Enable 'Remote' for your MIDI Loop

-go to the Preferences > Midi/Sync and enable 'Remote' on the input coming from the midi loop

Step Three: Make a MIDI Track That Sends to the MIDI Loop

-then go into i/o section of the session view and use the field labeled 'midi to'

Step Four: MIDI 'Learn' Your Record Slot

-make a clip on the midi track you just made, and then make ONE note in it. (when you are midi learning it is important to only send one note at a time. make your sequences later.)
-click play on the clip (make sure it is the only one), and then stop ableton. the clip's play button should now be lit
-press ctrl-M to enter midi mapping mode
-click the record button on the slot that you want to record loops to
-start ableton
-leave midi mapping mode

You should now have a clip which triggers another clip. check it out and make sure it works

Step Five: make a clip to trigger when you want to take a loop.

-iif you make a clip that triggers your midi note twice, it will record and then loop.

A Note on Latency and Triggering...

If you don'y have a crazy soundcard, chances are that this midi note will not come in exactly on the note you put it on. this means it is a good idea to move your trigger notes up a 16th note or two. the quantize will take care of any early notes.



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