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Senior Photo Researcher/Enhancer


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Company/ Publication: Weekly Scoop Magazine
Location: Toronto
Contact E-mail: hansari@weeklyscoopmagazine.com

Company Description: A division of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, Weekly Scoop Magazine is Canada‚s newest and only weekly celebrity magazine. Our offices are located in the entertainment district of Toronto, at the corner of King & Peter. Salary commensurate with experience.

Minimum 5 years experience.

Job Description:
Assist Photo Department and Photo Editor
Colour correct various images with a advanced knowledge of clipping paths using Photoshop
Flexible hours with primary shifts being afternoon and evening

Well versed in Photoshop and Internet
Efficient organizational & communication skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks from various sources effectively and efficiently
Excellent research skills
Ability to take initiative and proactively propose and implement new projects
Knowledge and interest in Pop Culture and Entertainment


Silent Jae

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I'm just curious...

When is this posting from?

They were hiring someone for this position back in last December.


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I noticed it on Masthead's site yesterday. I think it was posted at the start of the week. I have no affiliation with it, just thought it sounded cool.