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Sending a Fax Without A Fax Machine?


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you can set it up in any new office suite...2000 xp ETC...

never had to set it up but I know you can..

most likely you create it using a template in word...then save it and set up an faxing account in outlook...(you might need to hook up your phone line to your old school 56 k modem...then dial the number and send...

simple enough ne's pa?:p



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Yes, you'll need a modem to do this.

If you want fax programs, just to go twocows.com they have a section for them, and pick one that's free- or share-ware.


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If you are still up, send me your file (only if it is non-confidential, and I'll fax it for you) and I will fax it for you. PM me if you want.

Cheers ... Ian :)
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